About Taylor Hanna

Taylor Hanna is a native New Yorker, so it’s no surprise that she loves to travel. When she’s not writing, she hangs out with her family and friends, watches movies with friends, and travels as much as possible. Taylor is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York.

She’s the author of The Holiday Season at Princeville, The Diamond Peak Series (The Diamond Peak Café, The Diamond Peak Bakery, The Diamond Peak Inn), and The Diamond Peak Café Cookbook.

Publisher’s Synopsis:

When Claire Miller’s parents returned to their New York home after living in Princeville for years, she thought their return meant they were done traveling. But her parents announced they were going to visit Princeville one last time, and Claire was thrilled to see the place that meant so much to her childhood.

Claire is excited that she’ll be able to reconnect with so many friends she grew up with in Princeville, and she has a feeling that she’ll love the town just as much as she did before. But when she meets an old friend, she becomes intrigued by his odd behavior – and by his new girlfriend.

As Claire settles in her new home back in New York, she finds herself wrapped up in the mystery of Princeville.