Can the Nutribullet Blender Combo Crush Ice? The Correct Answer Is Here!

Nutribullet products have been very helpful in helping them to dissolve juices or make smoothies. They are convenient, fast, and let you mix whatever you put in them as easily as pie.

Nutribullets come with cyclonic chamber design and powerful motors, allowing them to blend everything seamlessly. With this in mind, you may be wondering, “Can the Nutribullet blender combo crush ice?”

The good news is that you will find the answer here. Keep reading to see more!

Can the Nutribullet Blender Combo Crush Ice?

Crushing Ice with these blenders is possible
Crushing Ice with these blenders is possible

The answer is yes. It is possible to put ice in Nutribullets and blend it until you get a snow-formed mixture.

But to ensure even blending, it is necessary to pour in your device a bit of liquid to make a strong vortex, which can pull your ice down into the blender.

As recommended by the NutriBullet, their blades aren’t suitable for blending dry ingredients. These devices are not recommended for crushing dry ice without liquid. So you’ll only gain the smooth texture with an added amount of liquid.

NutriBullet products are not ice crushers and do not intend to be those. Although these blenders can crush solid-formed water, it was not designed for this purpose.

The reason is that their blades cannot or will not function effectively without liquid. So even if users put soft fruit into these blenders, it should be challenging for your fruit to reach the blade and blend properly.

To sum up, it is possible to fill your NutriBullet blender with ice to make and enjoy a great smoothie every morning or any time of the day.

However, you need to make sure that you add enough liquid (water, coconut water, milk, so on.) so that your ingredients are fully submerged.

Can You Blend Frozen Fruit With A NutriBullet? 

Can the Nutribullet Blender Combo Crush Ice
Can the Nutribullet Blender Combo Crush Ice

Crushing ice with these blenders would be a somewhat tricky task. What about frozen fruit?

You should use blender to blend frozen fruit. It is best to let your fruit sit a while to soften. Yet, you do not have to wait if you have stronger motors.

You can use NutriBullet to handle frozen fruit, but do not forget that your frozen fruits are harder than their fresh counterparts.

It is wise to thaw your fruit a little, especially with the smaller models. However, you will not have to wait too long for your frozen fruit to achieve the required softening for your blender.

Which NutriBullet Can Smash Ice? 

You have to ensure that your device has a powerful motor and has the right blade
You have to ensure that your device has a powerful motor and has the right blade

The cubes’ size and your blender motor power will decide whether your device is suitable for this project. When it talks about motor strength, you should pick something that features 600 watts.

Some blades are also not designed for this purpose, and hard-formed water can damage those blades.

We recommend purchasing blades compatible with your Nutribullet and suitable for ice smashing. According to Nutribullet’s advice, you should use the cross blades for the best results.

So, when using Nutribullets, dry components should never be the main component inside the chamber, even if users have a more powerful motor and get the appropriate blade.

The Mechanics Of Nutribullet 

Nutribullet blender combo
Nutribullet blender combo

As we mentioned above, Nutribullets will work best with liquids, and in this section, we will explain that.

First, if you need to make a stable vortex, you will need pulp, water, or any moisture-rich ingredients.

Your fruit in any food within the chamber must move around and circulate freely with the right liquid content. Therefore, Nutribullets typically work well for fruit juices, smoothies, and other beverages.

However, when talking about solid food, NutriBullets will not work as well without adding water.

When comparing Nutribullets and food processors, it is not hard to see those food processors or standard blenders process dry food better than Nutribullets.

The leading cause is how blades and chambers of regular blenders are designed. They feature a flatter bottom, allowing food to flip over many times until it hits these blades and gets processed further.

If you blend dry food with Nutribullets, it will mostly stick to the chamber’s sides. Meanwhile, only a few parts of your food get processed.

So, during the blending process, you will have to scoop up the edges before putting them back at the center of your blender and continue the process.


What Can I Crush In My NutriBullet?

Here’s what you can blend with a Nutribullet blender:

Protein shake: With the help of these blenders, making a protein shake becomes as simple as pie. So all you need to do is fill the chamber with your ingredients and press a button. Then you will get a consistent texture shake.

Smoothies: These blenders are perfect for a good and well-blended smoothie. Thanks to that, you will get something very nutritious every morning.

Pureed soups: You will want to cool your soup before using your NutriBullet device.

Mixed drinks: If you buy the right blender and get a suitable blade to crush ice, you can make a great mixed drink at home.

Milkshakes: Just prepare milk and ice cream, and you will have it: Homemade milkshake at your home.

Peanut butter: It is possible to create almond butter or peanut butter. And, of course, you will need to pick a suitable recipe and use a blender.

Mayonnaise and other condiments: The fact is that Mayonnaise will require very few ingredients, and raw egg should be one of them. You can also make ketchup at home if you own a good blender.

Baby food: With the help of one of the good blenders, you can puree those vegetables and fruits to get a consistency suitable for your babies.

Can I Crush Ice With NutriBullet Countertop Blenders?

Nowadays, NutriBullet provides various countertop models like traditional models rather than the more angular designs they previously offered.

These countertop blenders cannot smash dry ice. So it is essential to put the liquid on these blenders to protect their motor and blades.

Can I Crush Ice Using Magic Bullet Models?

The motor power is as vital as the blade when talking about smashing ice in NutriBullets. You may get the sharpest blade to do this job, but if your device’s engine is not strong enough, it’ll fail.

The Magic Bullet is a low-cost mold from NutriBullet, and they come with a motor that is under 300 watts.

These models do not feature the same power as full-sized products, but they’re still strong enough for ice smashing. Even if users add some cubes to the liquid base, you will notice that these blenders are strong enough to mix them.

The Bottom Line

You have got the answer to “Can the Nutribullet blender combo crush ice?” You will have to add liquid to your dry ingredients for the blending process to happen correctly and effectively.

Thank you for reading!

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