Can The Nutribullet Chop Vegetables? 5 Things To Know

Our readers emailed and asked: Can the Nutribullet chop vegetables?

What can the Nutribullet do? You may wonder these questions if you plan to purchase a new Nutribullet.

The Nutribullet is a popular tool that helps us process food and blends the ingredients easier. But not everyone can use it correctly, especially the newbies.

The post will discuss the basics of Nutribullet blender to give you an honest and direct answer. Based on the information provided, you can learn to use this device more effectively. Continue reading to find out!

What Is A Nutribullet? 

Can The Nutribullet Chop Vegetables

The Nutribullet is a single-serve food blender that is commonly used to make liquid textures like smoothies, dips, cocktails, and sauces. It serves similar functions to regular blenders but comes with a different design.

While we place the food in the container from the top of the blenders, the Nutribullet has a cup that can be locked upside down in the motor base. The design of Nutribullets is straightforward, with no button and one fixed speed.

Therefore you cannot adjust the blending speed of the motor base. However, the Nutribullet is very portable and simple to use. It doesn’t take up a lot of space in the kitchen with only three basic components: cup, lid, and the central unit.

For this reason, these devices are easier to clean. Many Nutribullet manufacturers also claim that their products are much more powerful than traditional blenders.

Can The Nutribullet Chop Vegetables? 5 Things To Know
The Nutribullet Cup

Can The Nutribullet Chop Vegetables? 

The answer is yes. Nutribullets can chop vegetables very efficiently. You can chop vegetables in various ways using this machine, such as wet chopping. 

These devices are designed for grinding, chopping, and blending multiple ingredients, including vegetables (even the hard and dry veggies like carrots).

Wet chopping is the most efficient way to chop vegetables by adding water to the ingredients before starting the engine. The water will help the vegetables blend thoroughly and not turn into liquids.

After chopping, you need to strain the water out. However, if you keep the machine active for too long, the vegetables will be shredded into pieces and finally turn into smoothies.

Therefore a quick pulse of around 5 to 10 seconds is sufficient. For the harder ingredients like potato, carrot, or fruits, remember to cut them into smaller pieces first.

These hard textures take longer to cut, so you should increase the time accordingly. Furthermore, you should not fill the Nutribullet cup with too many veggies because they will not be chopped thoroughly.

The parts near the bottom will be shredded into tiny pieces while the upper top veggies remain untouched. Therefore just put in small portions at a time and blend quickly.

How To Chop Vegetables With Nutribullets?

If you use wet chopping, put a little bit of water in the bottom of the container (about one-tenth of the cup), then add the fruits and vegetables that you want to chop. Put the cover on top of the cup and place it on the motor base (main unit).

You need to adjust the position of the cup so that it fits properly on the motor base before activating the machine. There are two or three indentations on the unit that match the marked point on the cup.

Can The Nutribullet Chop Vegetables? 5 Things To Know 2
How To Chop Vegetables With Nutribullets?

If you put the indentations in the wrong positions, the machine won’t work.

So take a few attempts to figure out their matching positions and simply press the cup down. The device will automatically blend.

To chop the vegetables, push down and release briefly (1 – 2 seconds) to check if the ingredients are chopped in your preferred way. This step ensures that the components won’t be over shredded and turn into smoothies.

Finally, unscrew the cover counter-clockwise using two hands to get the texture out. However, not all Nutribullets are designed to work the same way.

If you can’t find the indentations or use the machine correctly, check the owner’s manual for more precise instructions.

For more detailed instructions, consider watching the video below.


What Not To Put In The Nutribullets?

Don’t put too hard ingredients like seeds, ice cubes, and nuts in the Nutribullets. Their hard texture can permanently damage the device’s blade or make it wear down over time.

Tips For Using The Nutribullets? 

When you use the device for the first time, it can release strange smells. This phenomenon is common in new electrical devices, so don’t worry much about it.

However, if the strange smells don’t disappear after five times of usage, check the owner’s manual carefully and have the machine inspected for any errors or problems in the engine.

Also, don’t forget to add water or liquid (milk, orange, or juice) equals less than one-quarter of the ingredients to help the device process them more easily.

Never pour hot or warm water and food into the device if the Nutribullet is not heat resistant. Lastly, you may want to blend as long as possible to get a perfect and smooth texture.

However, blending for more than 1 minute may cause overheating and reduce the lifespan of the device.

Nutribullet Vs Food Processor

The Nutribullets and food processors can replace each other due to their similar appearance. However, there will be some limitations when using a Nutribullet as a mini food processor.

The food processor is more suitable for chopping, grinding, grating ingredients, and even kneading dough. They usually come in a larger size with more powerful motors than the Nutribullets.

So if you want to make a large meal or proportion of food, the food processor is an ideal option. Meanwhile, the Nutribullet’s strengths lie in its portability and convenience.

With only three components and no buttons, the device is very easy to operate, even for beginners. It is lighter and easier to clean due to the small size and few numbers of components.

If you want a small, healthy smoothie for the morning, a Nutribullet is the best.

A Food Processor
A Food Processor


Can the Nutribullets Overheat?

Yes, it can. All the Nutribullets are equipped with powerful motors for blending at high speed. Normally, all the ingredients will turn into smoothies in around 20 to 30 minutes.

These motors will get hotter the longer it runs. As a result, the Nutribullets will overheat and get permanent damage when you leave them operating for too long (more than one minute).

Can You Make Juice With The Nutribullet?

Nutribullets just simply grind or chop ingredients into tiny pieces or smoothies, so they cannot extract the juice from the plant fiber as effectively as a common juicer.

What Is The Lifespan Of Nutribullet?

High-quality Nutribullets can last up to five years with proper storage and usage. It will reach the highest capacity in the first year after purchase.

Final Thoughts

I hope you are satisfied with the answer provided. Learning about the devices in our home helps us use them more efficiently. If you find the information in this post helpful, please share it with your friends and family members.

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