Can The Nutribullet Make Ice Cream? Let’s Find Out

One of life’s simple joys is eating ice creams. It has a cool, custard-like sweetness and goes well with nearly any topping.

You probably already know how to create this frozen dessert in a bag, coffee can, or even using an ice-cream maker.

However, someday you noticed the Nutribullet in your home and questioned: Can the Nutribullet make ice cream? Continue reading to discover the answer!

Can The Nutribullet Make Ice Cream? 

You can make ice cream in your Nutribullet with nutritious ingredients! It’s actually pretty simple.

Although Nutribullet is a fantastic blender for making this delicious dessert, it cannot compete with a machine.

There are several ways to make this sweet food at home using Nutribullet. In general, you can combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl, then freeze and serve.

The mixtures from the es come together quickly. There’re many possibilities to customize your dessert with any of your favorite flavors.

You may effortlessly mix your masterpieces using a blender, whether you choose fruit, vanilla, or chocolate.

Can The Nutribullet Make Ice Cream? Let’s Find Out 1
Fresh ice cream with Nutribullet

A scoop, spatula, glass dish or metal drive, and plastic food wrap are other things you could require when making with a blender.

There is one famous frozen dessert made in a Nutribullet blender, sometimes referred to as “Nice Cream.” You can make a wonderful substitute by blending frozen bananas with ingredients like plant milk, chocolate powder, or vanilla bean extract in a Nutribullet.

When using this machine, one thing to keep in mind is not to use much liquid.

Start with frozen components for the thickest possible final product and add only a little milk in between mixing cycles.

How To Make Healthy Nutribullet Ice-Cream?

To make this food in the Nutribullet, fill a cup halfway with frozen fruit, and add a condensed milk substitute, such as coconut milk and a teaspoon of Stevia.

Can The Nutribullet Make Ice Cream? Let’s Find Out 2
Making ice cream with Nutribullet

Make sure you have a tight grip on the blade before running the Nutribullet for roughly 3 seconds, removing the cup, shaking or tapping the hob, and repeating 2-3 times more.

You only need to mix everything just enough to combine the components without loosening them.

If you’re using a different blender brand, puree the items. Mix your components for anything like a milkshake for a longer time.

Finally, ordinary milk can be used as a drink, but I prefer alternatives. They tend to make things a little creamier and provide their nutritional value.

Some Ice-Cream Recipes for Nutribullet Blender

Well, you’re probably happy to know that you can make this dessert without an ice-cream maker. You can make your own recipes at home using a Nutribullet, milk, and a few pantry goods. Here are a few tasty recipes to try:

Chocolate Banana 

You can find many different banana flavors in supermarkets and shops. This fruit contains vitamins and has a pleasant taste that is easy to eat and addictive.


  • One banana
  • One teaspoon of cocoa nibs
  • 1/2 cup Almond milk, vanilla, unsweetened
Can The Nutribullet Make Ice Cream? Let’s Find Out 3
Chocolate banana ice cream

How to make:

Step 1: Peel and chop bananas into thin slices, then freeze for 2 hours in a bowl or food container.

Step 2: Mix all ingredients in the order mentioned until you get a smooth, creamy mixture.

Step 3: Freeze for 2 to 4 hours after mixing for a thicker paste. The completed product is silky smooth, with well-blended ingredients.


Nothing beats a scoop of smooth, creamy vanilla cream made with the freshest ingredients.


  • Heavy cream (three cups)
  • Two tbsp half & half
  • One pound of sugar (use one cup if you want less sweet)
  • One vanilla bean, diced and grated, or one teaspoon of pure vanilla extract or paste
  • A pinch of salt
Can The Nutribullet Make Ice Cream? Let’s Find Out 4
Vanilla ice cream


  • Fill the jar with the ingredients in the order specified.
  • Use the frozen drinks software to brew the flask.
  • Pour the mixture into a container and freeze for at least 2 hours when it’s finished. Serve with your choice of toppings.

Mock Ice Cream Sandwich

If you love ice cream bread, you can refer to this recipe.


  • Two sheets of Honey Maid Low Fat Honey Graham Crackers (or four small rectangles)
  • Two tbsp Cool Whip, chocolate (you can also try other flavors, strawberry is pretty good)
Can The Nutribullet Make Ice Cream? Let’s Find Out 5
Mock ice cream sandwich


  • Split the graham crackers in half and smear one side with CoolWhip.
  • Place the other piece on top, but don’t press it down, or the CoolWhip on the sides will be lost.
  • Rep with the second full sheet cracker.
  • Place it for a few hours or overnight in the freezer.

This recipe makes two sandwiches based on the nutrition information. Of course, you have complete freedom to do how much you like.

Grilled Peaches with Raspberries

Do you have a desire for something decadent? This side dish was perfect.

Grilled peaches with raspberries make a lovely summer addition or dessert with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. This recipe will make you feel fantastic as you eat every last drop.


  • Brown sugar (2 teaspoons)
  • 2 tbsp lime juice or 2 tbsp lemon juice
  • One cup of raspberries, fresh
  • Five unpeeled and pitted fresh peaches
  • Spray the grill with vegetable cooking spray.


With two peach halves, you can make five servings.

  •  In a shallow bowl, combine the sugar and lime (or lemon) juice.
  • Mash in half of the raspberries.
  • Switch to the mantle and add half a peach.
  • Leave to marinate at room temperature for 30-60 minutes before chopping the sides.
  • Spray the grill rack with vegetable spray, set the peaches on the hot grill, and chop both sides (save sauce)
  • After two minutes, flip the peaches over and cook for another 15 minutes, or until soft, brushing with half of the remaining marinade.
  • Remove the dish from the oven.

Dad’s Strawberry Banana Faux 

This is a terrific dessert for individuals who want a sweet treat without carbs, fat, or sugar.


  • 3/4 cup frozen sliced frozen strawberries and two large bananas, cut into 1-inch chunks
  • 2 tbsp. unsweetened almond milk
  • A half teaspoon of pure vanilla extract
Can The Nutribullet Make Ice Cream? Let’s Find Out 6
Strawberry banana ice cream


  • Arrange the banana slices on a platter, spacing them out. Freeze the slices for at least 2 hours (overnight is better).
  • Remove the frozen strawberries and bananas from the freezer and puree them in a food processor until smooth.
  • Mix in the almond milk (as much as you like for the texture you want) and the vanilla extract until the mixture is smooth and even.
  • Freeze your mix in a freezer container until it is solid.
  • Serve and enjoy. You may prepare this with any frozen fruit.

The Bottom Line 

You have the answer to the question: Can the Nutribullet make ice cream?

Making homemade ice creams using a Nutribullet is one of the easiest ways to make a traditional frozen treat at home. It’s quick, easy, and tasty, yet it lacks specialized cooking knowledge or abilities.

You will receive the combination faster, which may result in a slightly different texture from the ordinary one. If you’re interested in learning more about blending, be sure to check out Blendercommand. You’ll find a wealth of articles on the subject, written by experts in the field.

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