Can You Chop Onions In A Blender? Truth Reveal!

Our readers emailed and asked: can you chop onions in a blender?

Onion is a vegetable that provides many health advantages to the human body.

The primary issue with this food is that they irritate the eyes and cause tears to develop whenever you chop them.

You see a blender and wonder if you should use it or not? This article will help you answer the question: can you chop onions in a blender?

Can You Chop Onions In A Blender?

The quick answer is yes. It’s simple to chop onions in the blenders.

The blender blade rotates evenly like a propeller when spun, effortlessly slicing onions, garlic, and vegetables.

It not only can quickly chop at high speeds but can also help the completed product be consistent in size.

Chop onions in the blender
Chop onions in the blender

It’s nearly impossible for amateurs to slice the onion evenly, but it’s a piece of cake with this machine.

Simply peel the onion and cut it into slices as quickly as possible. Place these quarters in the machine and blend them until the texture is to your liking.

You can achieve this via pulse cutting or wet cutting, as explained further below.

Why Use a Blender To Chop Onions? 

Can You Chop Onions In A Blender? Truth Reveal! 1

Using blenders to chop this food will undoubtedly give an edge in terms of saving time and energy.

The machine will operate; all you have to do now is wait for the cutting to finish.

Furthermore, this method is completely safe for you. Roughly chopping with a knife can injure your wrist or put your hand at risk.

With the blenders, blending or chopping takes only a few seconds, so it doesn’t waste your energy.

Additionally, limiting onion exposure when cutting lowers the impact of onion vapor on the user’s sense of smell and eyesight.

What Is The Method To Chop Onions In The Blender?

If you don’t know the method to chop this vegetable in the blender, follow the steps.

Prepping the Onion

Can You Chop Onions In A Blender? Truth Reveal! 3
Cut onions

Unfortunately, even though the machine will handle most of the work, we will still need to prepare the onions. You’ll still need to take out your cutting board.

Cut the onion into four pieces at a minimum. You can also cut it into eight pieces, but not any smaller than that. After that, peel off its dry outer skin.

Load the Blender

After you have prepared the onions, what you need to do now is to put them in your machine.


Now, press your pulse button. Set the blender’s power to one-third to one-half and pulse it.

Allow the onion to return to the blade after pressing it once, then repeat your pulse button. Do this action until the finish reaches the desired consistency.

Typically, four to eight pulses are sufficient to complete the task. You can chop to the appropriate size by more or less.

Tips For Chopping Onions In The Blender

When cutting the onion, big bits might often stick to the sides of the jar.

If this happens, remove the blender from the base and use a spatula to scrape the bits from the side of the container back to the bottom.

Can You Chop Onions In A Blender? Truth Reveal! 2
Chopping onions

It’s crucial not to use the food processor on automatic mode because it can ruin the flavor of your finished dish.

You might try wet cutting by putting in some water. This will produce a vortex, propelling the onions into your blades in seconds.

You’ll just get onion and no water if you strain the onion as well as water mixture through your fine mesh screen.

The Good Blenders For Chopping Onion

Now that you know you can use the blenders to chop onion, do you want to locate the best blender?

Here are three excellent options for quickly cutting and pureeing dry and wet vegetables.

SharkNinja BL770 Blender

SharkNinja BL770 for chopping onion

In addition to the set of blades, SharkNinja BL770 comes with a separate food processor, so you can quickly and easily chop vegetables to your desired size.

The blades on this cooking bowl are designed to help pull the vegetables to the bottom. Therefore, you don’t end up with bigger and smaller pieces, making your cooking very choppy and difficult.

Vitamix E310 Blender

Vitamix e310 for chopping onion

Vitamix E310 is a fantastic option if you want complete control over how finely your vegetables are chopped.

This is because this incredible machine features ten various speeds and a pulse feature.

Oster Pro 1200 Blender

Oster Pro 1200 blender for chopping onion

With Oster Pro 1200, you can guarantee that your food is the appropriate size for your dinner.

Your circuit not only ensures that you obtain the right-sized vegetable, but it also has seven various speeds and three pre-programmed settings.

As a result, you’ll never have to worry about whether you’ll chop too much or too little when preparing your supper.


Should You Use A Blender Rather Than Your Food Processor?

In practically every chopping or pureeing job, a blender can take the role of a food processor.

It is less expensive, but it may not be capable of grinding dry components like beans, necessitating a more powerful one or food processor.

In addition, when chopping certain foods, the blenders might produce more liquid than the food processors.

Can I Chop Onions With A Vegetable Chopper?

Yes, you can. Depending on how many onions, a vegetable chopper can be more efficient than your blender.

Can You Chop Onions In A Blender? Truth Reveal!
A man is struggling to chop onions with a knife.


Have you known the answer to: Can you chop onions in a blender?

It depends on how you want to utilize the onions, but chopping them in your blender can be fun and a time saver. If you don’t mind slightly watery chopped onions or have a lot to chop, you can use your blenders.

We advocate cutting them with a kitchen knife, the old-fashioned approach.

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