Can You Make A Blender Quieter – See 6 Easy Tricks Here

I have used a blender for more than two years, and I have dealt with such annoying sounds from my blenders. Today, I will share some of my tips that you can silence your blender noise if you are not ready to invest in another.

Why Does Your Blender Make Noises?

Whether you want to make a morning smoothie, a blender can be one of the ideal appliances in your kitchen space.

If you have ever tried this, you realize how loud they might be. But why are blenders so loud? Here are some main reasons for this problem.

  • The motor operates at very high speeds: normally, a blender can run at 20,000RPM together with speeds up to 250mph, which might cause a lot of noise during the blending process. Instead, it is best for you to purchase a quiet blender with a reasonable price.
  • Blenders are not made of high-quality materials: using reasonable-priced materials means that they can make lots of annoying noise when in use. For example, the components might not fit together or contain enough lubricants to operate properly, which results in lots of noise.

Ways To Silence Blenders: How To Make A Blender Quieter?

Can you make a blender quieter
Can you make a blender quieter

1. Move your blender to another spot

Before investing in a new blender to reduce the noise from your blender, please try moving your blender to another spot in the kitchen space.

For instance, if the blender is put near the wall or in the kitchen corner, the noise might be amplified without any guesswork. So instead, simply move it near an open area or the window where there might be less noise amplification.

Therefore, repositioning your blender is the first thing to cut down on the noise made by your blender.

2. Use a soft kitchen towel underneath your blender

This is another simple trick that springs to my mind. It does not require much money, time, and even resources.

In this case, please fold a thick towel and put your blender on top, which can eliminate the vibration on the countertop under no circumstances. Apart from a soft towel, you can use some soft cloth pieces, which might dampen the noise.

3. Purchase rubber or silicone mat

If you are not willing to try a soft fluffy towel, please purchase a rubber or silicone mat instead. Both can work the same as the towel that can cut down on vibrations to gain noise reduction.

From my point of view, I fully vote for a rubber or silicone mat because it can prevent your blender from moving around if the countertop is smooth or uneven. Unfortunately, this solution can require you to purchase another item, though it is still a reasonably-priced way to silence blender noise.

4. Buy a quiet blender

Current blenders have evolved for a long time, and their power and speed have incredibly increased. However, it is very hard to find a quiet blender that will not wake your family in the morning.

Remember that a silent blender does not mean that it does not make any loud noises. Instead, it would help if you bought a silent blender with a blender enclosure.

But do not expect them to have a low price. A quiet blender will have many noise-reducing solutions, so that you might pay a premium price for these product lines. In this situation, I highly recommend some highest-quality quiet blenders for you on Amazon, such as Vitamix, Ninja, or even Philips.

5. Purchase some soundproof materials in the kitchen space

Since your kitchen space is not big enough to store a sound enclosure, you can try soundproofing materials instead.

Simply stick acoustic panels to the walls around the blending area by using small amounts of glue or even double-sided tape.

Plus, if you want to combine this trick by putting your blender on a silicone or rubber mat, you should be able to cut down on the noise to some extent. At least stop waking your whole family early in the morning.

6. Blend the night before

For those who love waking up early in the morning or enjoying a nutrient-packed smoothie before work, blending the night before is a must-do task.

Blending the night before and storing them in the fridge is a great option if you are unwilling to wake your family early in the morning. All you need to do is shake it up before enjoying it.

Another must-do task you should keep in mind is to make sure that your ingredients should be cut into small chunks for easier blending. Providing that you use frozen ingredients, please defrost them before blending.


So now, we will come to a conclusion of our blender reviews and we strongly believe that either of 6 tricks can help you reduce any sounds coming from your blender.

We also know that noise might be annoying, especially when the whole of your family is relaxing or asleep. Whether you can adhere to one of the tips or combine two or more of these tricks, your home will become quieter from any annoying noise of your blender.

What about you?

Do you have any methods to reduce any noises from the blender? Please share with me by leaving a comment in the chatbox below!

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