Can you make whipped cream in a blender?

A few days ago, I posted my favorite way to make whipped cream at home in a blender on my Facebook. And immediately received tons of comments and thumbs-up from people who had never tried it and had concerns and questions about what a high-grade blender does.

This method is as easy as pie and requires less time to do this task. Well, if you like to make whipped cream, here is my suggestion guiding you how to make whipped cream in a blender. Hopefully, my shares will be useful and satisfy you on the first try.

Can you make whipped cream in a blender?

Can you make whipped cream in a blender?

There is no doubt that blenders are powerful enough to mix ingredients, especially if you want to make something like smoothies, shakes, and even whipped cream. Just operate with the lowest speed to mix the whole ingredients, and then turn to the highest setting.

Yes, you can whip cream in a blender. Plus, the sharp blades can make whipped cream in seconds (about 30 seconds). But, if you seek an easy and effective way to whip cream at home, then a high-grade lender is for you!

Normally, it takes 10 to 20 seconds, depending on the consistency you want. However, whipping cream in a blender is easily overwhipped; hence, be careful to control during the whipping process.

What is the best blender for making whipped cream?

Whipping cream can add a rich texture to your daily food, an integral part of cooking and baking. But, what is the best blender for whipping cream?

If you want a creamy texture in your drinks and foods, a high-performance blender might be right for you from my point of view, I have used the Vitamix product line for making whipped cream, and I feel quite satisfied. This blender can be ideally used for whipping large batches or other delicious treats.

Plus, this Vitamix product line is so versatile, it can work as a food processor or even a regular blender without having any guesswork.

The whipping process lasts for less than 30 seconds, and it’s so easy to operate that you can whip up your favorite desserts at all times under no circumstances.

How to make whipped cream in a blender?

How to make whipped cream in a blender
How to make whipped cream in a blender

As I mentioned above, whipping cream in a blender is as easy as pie, and it takes less than 15 minutes from start to finish. It’s so amazing to use whipped cream for topping or for decoration, such as birthday cake or pie. So, here are the points:

  • Pour a can of your favorite sweetened milk into the blender
  • Add vanilla extract or some little juice, and then blend at high speed until it forms soft peaks
  • Add a little sugar to taste
  • Serve immediately or store in the fridge for up to 3 days and re-whipp before using again.

Tips for whipping cream

  • The whipped cream should be stored in the fridge in some days
  • When it comes too whipped cream, it’s best to use cold ingredients for easy whipping
  • Put the cream in the refrigerator for at least 20 minutes before mixing
  • Start with a low setting at first and slowly increase the speed in order that you can easily control how much air becomes whipped into your desired cream
  • A tablespoon of milk is added into every cup of your cream you are using


What sweeteners can I add?

Confectioner’s sugar is one of the most ordinary sweeteners to use when creating whipped cream at home.

However, if you search online, there are many suggestions for creating flavored whipped cream. Why don’t you try adding some cocoa powder, some lemon juice, or even some vanilla extract? I strongly believe these alternatives will not make you dissatisfied.

Can I make whipped cream by hand?

If you search online, you might read many articles telling you how to make whipped cream without a machine. Why don’t you try to make a homemade whipped cream and enjoy it yourself?

Hand whipping allows you to easily control the speed and vary that speed when your cream is ready to be done. Normally, most recipes for creating whipped cream start with a hand mixer, an electronic whisker, a mixing bowl, or at least a big stand mixer. You can make use of any kitchen appliances to make whipped cream.

It is challenging to clean a blender after whipping cream?

I must say yes. The cleanup for whipped cream is quite challenging to users because it has fat. Therefore, it is not simply rinsed with warm water. Instead, to eliminate any fat and any stuck-on debris, it is best to use dawn or whatever soap you want.

How can I make whipped cream with Immersion blender?

With the help of an Immersion blender, you can easily create whipped cream with the following steps.

  • Put heavy whipped cream in a mixing bowl
  • Add some vanilla extract and sugar, if desired
  • Whip the cream continuously with an electric mixer at high speed until stiff peaks form
  • Serve immediately or store in the refrigerator for up to 2 days


I have tried this recipe many times and got amazing results, so what about you?

Hopefully, you can follow these step-by-step guides to enjoy whipped cream with your family at home. I strongly believe, with the help of Vitamix or Ninja blenders, everything will become easier and easier. However, I highly recommend creating whipped cream by hand to avoid over whipping.

If you’re interested in learning more about blending, be sure to check out You’ll find a wealth of articles on the subject, written by experts in the field.

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