Can You Put Frozen Fruits In A Blender?

Many customers were concerned and asked us, “Can you put frozen fruits in a blender?”. In this post, we would like to give you some necessary information to understand this question.

For those really into nutrient-packed smoothies and juices, fruits become vital ingredients. However, fruits can be seasonal and expensive.

Frozen fruits are an essential part of your freezer storage and food shopping. They are ripe and contain vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants as well. Try making a healthy frozen fruit smoothie today, and it will not be disappointing at all.

Is it possible to put frozen fruit in a blender?

Absolutely, you can put frozen fruits in a blender. However, the power of your blender will determine how well it can blend. It means that the more powerful the blender is, the much easier it is to blend the whole frozen ingredients and ice cubes in seconds.

To some extent, the less powerful your blender is, the more liquid you have to add to blend and the less thick your ingredients will be.

Most people often put frozen fruits or ice cubes in the blender, even when they are not sliced. It is important to slice or thaw them before blending to blend frozen ingredients. For this reason, if they are not sliced already, the blending process faces difficulty. The blender’s blade can easily break and can not work as desired.

Tips on blending frozen ingredients

Tips on blending frozen ingredients
Tips on blending frozen ingredients

Since your blender is having difficulty in the blending process, please take a quick look with some following tips.

  • Let the whole frozen fruits sit out for around 5-10 minutes, which will not impact the texture of the smoothies, but it will make the blending process much easier and smoother.
  • Pour a little liquid into your blender. Plant-based milk such as soy, almond, or walnut milk will keep the texture tasty and creamy to create a fuller consistency.
  • Slice or thaw the whole ingredients into small pieces before blending

Trusted Blender Brands for Frozen Fruits

For those looking for a healthy lifestyle and diet we have some best-seller blender brands highly appreciated in 2022. These models are portable, durable and more importantly, affordable as well.

A high-grade blender used for blending frozen fruits goes with high-performance blending speed.


a vitamix is good for blending frozen fruits

There is no doubt that a Vitamix blender will be a reliable companion in your kitchen space. For what it is worth, the Vitamix product line includes a high-performance motor with razor-sharp stainless steel blades, capable of crashing frozen fruits or ice cubes into small pieces in some minutes.

Ninja Countertop

a ninja blender is good for blending frozen fruits

Like Vitamix, the Ninja Countertop will spring to your mind when choosing the best blender to blend frozen fruits.

With a powerful motor (1100 watts), ice is easily pulverized into the snow and any other ingredients are liquidized in a matter of seconds. More importantly, thanks to six blades, the Ninja product line is ideally used for grinding down the whole fruits and veggies at ease.


a Nutribullet blender is good for blending frozen fruits

Nutribullet has been considered to be a perfect choice for making smoothies. For what it is worth, with the spacious pitcher (64 ounces), this blender product line is ideal for crushing nuts and ice in some seconds without having any guesswork.


How long does it take to blend frozen fruits in a blender?

As carefully mentioned above, a high-performance blender will determine the time for blending and the final result. The blending process will consume 5-10 minutes if you have a powerful blender.

Can you blend frozen fruits without liquid?

If you blend the whole frozen ingredients without liquid, you can end up with a slushy material, not a smoothie. But if you want to make a regular smoothie, you need to add some liquid.

The frozen fruits need to defrost before blending?

Regardless of the high quality of your blender, please leave frozen fruits out in the refrigerator to thaw or put them in a small Ziploc bag and thaw in a bowl of water before you blend.

On the contrary, if the whole ingredients are not defrosted in some minutes, they can cause the sharp blades to break and crack.

Is it better to use frozen fruits for making smoothies?

Although many people put fresh ingredients in their smoothies, if they put frozen fruits instead, that will give them an icy and thick texture without any guesswork. Frozen fruit smoothies are ideally used during hot-boiling summer days.


We hope you will get the most necessary information about your blender, especially when blending frozen fruits. This is a great idea to add additional and various nutrients to your healthy meals and diets.

If you have any questions, please leave a message in the comment box below this post, and then our customer care center will support you as soon as possible. Thanks for reading!

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