Can You Put Hot Liquids In A Blender Bottle?

The blenders are an essential kitchen tool that can help us with many tasks. However, you can break down the device when misusing the blenders. 

So, can you put hot liquids in a blender? This post will discuss this issue in-depth and provide you with a detailed answer. 

You can learn to use the blenders more safely based on the information provided. Let’s scroll down to read more information!

Can You Put Hot Liquids In A Blender Bottle?

The short answer is yes. You can blend hot liquids in a blender.

However, you have to follow some safety procedures and rules, or it will cause a mess and may even damage your device. It also depends on the amount of liquid you pure in and the blender type.

1. The Potential Dangers Of Blending Hot Liquids In A Blender

You may want to blend hot textures like soup and puree into the blender or pour in hot water to make milk. However, these practices can turn into a kitchen nightmare if you are not careful. 

As you already know, hot liquids will steam and evaporate. With the top of the device covered with the lid, the hot textures inside the container will steam and increase the air pressure. 

As a result, the lid can get blown up when the pressure is too high. Without the cover, the hot liquids will burst out of the container and spew all over the place. How can you clean all this mess? 

Not to mention the potential damage it can cause to users. As you have to stand next to the blender to turn it on and off, the spew hot liquids can burst out on your skin and cause severe skin burns. 

Imagine you get your face close to the lid and the hot liquid spewing on the eyes.

It is an actual hazard. Another noticeable setback is that the blender’s blade can wear down when contacting hot food in the long run. 

2. So Should You Use The Blenders To Process Hot Liquids?

For the mentioned reason, using the blenders to process hot soup and puree is very dangerous. Therefore it is inadvisable to blend hot textures in a blender. 

There are some other more efficient ways to process hot food efficiently without the need for blenders, which I will cover in the following sections. 

So Should You Use The Blenders To Process Hot Liquids?
Don’t Forget To Hold The Lid Firmly

Safety Precautions for Blenders & Hot Liquids 

Although the task may be dangerous, it doesn’t mean that you cannot use the blender to process hot textures. If you are too short on time and the blender is the only usable option, follow these rules to ensure your safety. 

1. Avoid Filling The Container With Too Much Liquid

Always remember not to fill over one-half of the container with hot liquids. 

More liquid equals higher pressure and can easily blow up the lid. If you have to blend a large amount of hot puree, pour in a small portion at a time. 

If possible, the amount of liquid should fill only one-third or one-fourth of the container. Even if the lid is blown up, it is less likely that the hot liquid inside will explode or burst out. 

Safety Precautions for Blenders & Hot Liquids 
Blend A Small Batch One At A Time

2. Cover The Lid

To ensure that the lid won’t get blown up, you should use a clean towel to cover and hold it firmly when blending. Start with the lowest power level and gradually switch to higher settings if needed. 

If your hand feels too much pressure, immediately turn off the device. Then wait for a while for the steam to get out and reduce the pressure inside. Start the process over again until you get your desired texture.  

If you want more instructions, consider watching the video below. 

What Can You Use To Blend Hot Liquids Instead Of The Blender? 

To make the hot sauce or soup you can use immersion blenders to blend the food when cooking. Simply cook the ingredients on a hot pan and carefully use the immersion blender to stir the texture. 

However, it is optimal if you can wait for the texture to cool down before blending. After all, the cool ingredients can be mixed and ground just as easily as the hot ones. 

As heat doesn’t matter, you can use the blenders to process the cold textures and heat them up on the pan for later use.

If you don’t have time to cool down the texture, remember to follow the mentioned precautions to ensure your safety. 

Also, some blenders feature a small hole for ventilation in the middle. It can help reduce the pressure and let the steam escape. However, don’t fill too much liquid in the container and always start with the lowest settings. 

What Can You Use To Blend Hot Liquids Instead Of The Blender? 
An Immersion Blender Can Help

Related Questions

Do I Have To Follow These Precautions When Blending Cold Liquids?

As cold liquids are safer to blend and don’t generate pressure, you don’t necessarily have to follow the mentioned rules. However, if you fill the container with too much liquid, the texture may burst out and cause a mess. 

Can A Nutribullet Handle Hot Liquid?

Yes, a Nutribullet can process hot liquids like regular blenders. 

However, you need to be extremely careful and follow the safety rules. Also, if the liquid is too hot, it is inadvisable to put it in the Nutribullet. 

How Hot Can The Blenders Handle?

The best blenders for hot liquids feature blades made of stainless steel.

They are immune to heat and scratches, so the blades won’t get damaged or wear down when contacting high heat. 

Yet, the temperature should not exceed 190°F, which is the limit for blenders. 

Final Thoughts 

To sum up, it is potentially dangerous and inadvisable to blend hot liquids in a blender. You can wait for the food to cool down before blending.

If it is your only option, follow the precautions and rules to ensure your safety. 

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