Can You Put Ice Cubes In A Blender? 5 Helpful Tips To Know 

We use blenders to blend and shred ingredients like fruits, vegetables, and drinks. But how about harder materials like ice cubes?

Do you want to crush the ice cubes faster and more efficiently but fear that your blender cannot handle the task? Can you put ice cubes in a blender? 

The post will discuss this topic and give you an in-depth answer.

Continue reading to find out!

Can You Put Ice Cubes In A Blender? 

Whether your blender can handle the ice cubes depends on blender quality, size, and the amount of the cubes.

If you use a high-powered device with a high-quality blade, it can make the ice quickly. The older models will have difficulty dealing with the ice cubes.

By high-quality blenders, I mean the expensive models with more powerful and adjustable motors power. The blade also needs to be tough and made of high-end materials so it won’t get dull or damaged after blending.

In fact, the high-end blenders also get weaker after a long usage period and decrease in their capacity. However, it doesn’t mean that the regular devices cannot work with the ice cubes.

They can still process a part of the ice cubes if you use the proper techniques and apply some tips in blending, which will be discussed in the following section.

How To Make Ice Cubes For Blending?

If your device still works well and you’re confident that it can crush the ice cubes easily, don’t hesitate to use the tool to save more time and effort. However, you cannot place the large and tough ices in the device and expect it to work.

To help the blender crush the ices easier, you can follow these methods to prepare the ices first before blending.

Using A Good Quality Ice Cube Tray

If the cubes come in small sizes, the blender’s blade can break them down easier. So you should find a suitable ice cube tray and turn it into smaller cubes.

Most regular ice cube trays come in the same size, so you should not worry much about this problem.

Use A Good Quality Ice Tray
Use A Good Quality Ice Tray

Making The Cubes

But what if you don’t have a tray, and the ice comes in one large cube or bag? You can still prepare the perfect ice cubes at home without this tool.

To make the best quality ice cubes, you can start by pouring the warm water into a cooler (about 4-5 inches high). Place the cooler inside the fridge or freezer.

If you don’t have a cooler, just pour warm water into a large bowl or water-resistant plastic box and put it in the fridge. When the ice block is formed, turn the container upside down so the block can slip out.

Finally, use a serrated knife and cut the ice into the cube shapes of your desired sizes. Remember to hold the block with a towel and be careful with the cutting.

Storing Ice Cubes

It’s so annoying to put the ice cubes in the fridge and they start to stick together.

Of course, the best method is to use an ice cube tray to separate and form the cube effortlessly.

If you don’t have the tray, transfer the cut ice cubes to a clean plastic or paper bag. Fold and cover the bag, then put it in the fridge. In this miraculous way, the ice cubes won’t stick together and are ready for the next use.

Use Serrated Knives To Cut Ice
Use Serrated Knives To Cut Ice

How To Crush Ice In A Blender?

To your surprise, the blender is one of the best tools for making ice compared to the food processor or the rolling pin. First, place the fresh and freezing ice cubes in the container and quickly pour in water.

If you are making some kind of smoothie or liquor, you can pour the juice or liquid to blend with the ice cubes. However, don’t put too much ice and liquid in the container because it can spill out when blending.

Now cover the lid and start pulsing. If your blender has the adjusted power, pulse slowly in the first seconds and increase the power to gradually break down the ice cubes.

Keep pulsing until you see the chunks and stop. Blending for too long will crust the ice into water. Lastly, pour the mixture through a mesh strainer to filter out the liquid. If you use clean water, just take the chunks out with your hand.

If you notice strange noises or the engine breaking down, stop immediately and disconnect the power cable.

For more in-depth instructions, consider watching the video below.

Useful Tips 

Here are some tips and methods to help you make the ice more efficiently with the blenders.

Ensure that you add a lot of cold water to help the device crust the ice easier. The liquid should fully cover the ice. But if you don’t want the ices to be watery, blend small proportions with a little liquid at a time.

Blenders With Adjustable Speeds Are The Best For Making Ice

Pulse when you pour in the water as the ice will quickly melt and dissolve into the liquid. If you freeze the ice cubes at low temperatures, they will get harder to blend. It is best to let them rest for 5 minutes to develop a softer texture.

Lastly, always check the owner’s manual first or search for the name of your blender on the internet to know if it can blend the ice. Some models with plastic or glass containers can get damaged by the sharp ice.


Can A 400-Watt Blender Crush Ice?

The more power your blender possesses, the easier it is at crushing the ices. A 400-watt device can work with ice cubes, but only in small sizes and proportions. The motor may also get damaged when blending.

Therefore, you should opt for models with the higher power, like 400-watt or 1000-watt blenders.

Can You Use A Blender Without Liquid?

It is still possible to use the blender to crust the soft ingredients, but for harder foods, you need to add the liquid. Without water, the thing will get lumpy.

Also, don’t add too much water, or the ingredients cannot come into contact with the blade.

Do You Put Ice In The Blender First?

The principle is soft foods and ingredients come in first, and the solid ones go on top. You should pour the water in first before placing it in the ice cubes.

Final Thoughts

Most blenders can crush the ice cubes in small sizes and proportions. Devices with better blade materials and stronger motors can make it easier.

I hope the answer provided in this post can satisfy you. If you find the information helpful, don’t hesitate to share the post with your friends and beloved family members. Thank you for reading!

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