Can You Put Ice in a Blender Bottle? 9 Things You Can Put In Blender Bottle

It is right to say that the blender bottle is one of the most valuable and straightforward inventions ever. People often think of this item as something to prevent protein from clumping, which is very familiar to gym-goers.

However, it is much more helpful than you think because many people have used it to create delicious drinks.

When it comes to drinks, you can immediately think of ice cubes. So can you put ice in a blender bottle? We has the answer for you.

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Can You Put Ice in a Blender Bottle?

The short answer is yes. You can put ice cubes in your blender bottle, even if putting them in with the wire ball. 

Yet, you should not add too much ice at once. It can prevent the ball from moving around. If this ball cannot move, you cannot mix your ingredients.

Can You Put Ice in a Blender Bottle? 9 Things You Can Put In Blender Bottle 1
It is alright to put ice in your blender bottle

Things You Can Put In Blender Bottle

Stir Fry Sauce

Anyone willing to do a giant stir fry pan to surprise family members and friends, right? It is possible to create a teriyaki sauce manually.

All you need to do is combine soy sauce and mirin in equal parts. Then you will need to add minced garlic, minced ginger, and sugar to taste.

Then add this mixture and a blender bottle and pour over your veggie stir fry. 

It is a great option to store sauces, allowing you and your loved ones to dine out every night without going out and buying sauces.

Can You Put Ice in a Blender Bottle? 9 Things You Can Put In Blender Bottle 2
You can put many things in a blender bottle

Balsamic Vinaigrette

If you’re a fan of salads, you’ve probably known the salty black and slightly sour stuff, which chefs often add to salads. It is a balsamic vinaigrette. While this stuff looks and sounds classy, it is not hard to make at all.

It is an excellent combination of garlic, salt, balsamic vinegar, pepper, olive oil, and brown sugar. If you prefer to get extra fancy for your salad, you can add some walnuts and blue cheese.

After you have prepared the necessary ingredients, you can easily create Balsamic Vinaigrette with the help of Blender Bottles.


Can You Put Ice in a Blender Bottle? 9 Things You Can Put In Blender Bottle 3

These bottles are also great at creating crepes. Thanks to that, you can easily and quickly create this dainty dessert at your home. 

You will need to prepare some necessary ingredients such as Nutella and powdered sugar. There is nothing that prevents you from creating Crepes.

Scrambled Eggs

Scrambling eggs properly is not simple. In most cases, people under-beat eggs or over-beat them, causing all types of texture or flavor mishaps in this process.

If you shake eggs using this bottle instead of utilizing a fork, you will beat them more uniformly and can deliver a smoother egg to make your breakfast better.

Ready-to-Pour Salad Sauces And Dressings

This little seasoning is very useful and popular for college life. For those who live alone, you may not always be ready to buy large bottles of enchilada sauce, Ranch, or any other salad dressing. These mini ones come into play in the cases.

You won’t need to create it in your bowl and spoon it out the dressing. Instead, you need to shake it up in this bottle and pour this mixture onto your favorite food, including pizza, pasta, salad, a tortilla, etc.

Pancake Batter

Pancakes are one of the ideal breakfasts for many people, but making them is not easy. The batter typically discovers a method to drip down their bowl, making things gross to touch or pain to clean.

Thanks to using this bottle to create the batter, it should become much easier as all you need to do is shake it before pouring it onto your frying pan. Create pancake batter the way you usually do and shake it.


It is possible to create butter in this stuff. It only requires salt, heavy whipping cream, and ice water. After that, everything will be easy and smooth.


You don’t have cocktail shakers if you do not own much room for single-use items. But don’t worry. 

It is alright to use blender bottles to mix a cocktail while freezing the serving glass. So finally, you will not have to face bad mixed drinks anymore.

Iced Coffee And Lattes

Blender bottles will help you create good coffee. With the help of this stuff, it is easy to make an iced coffee/tea, iced latte, an iced matcha latte, etc.


Is it safe to put ice in a blender bottle?

The short answer is yes! But you should not add too much ice at once. 

Otherwise, it can prevent the ball from moving around. If this ball cannot move around, you cannot correctly mix your ingredients.

What can I put in blender bottles?

Here are the things you can put in your blender bottle:

  • Water
  • Pancakes
  • Coffee Drinks
  • Cocktails
  • Salad Dressings/Sauces
  • Fluffy Scrambled Eggs
  • Protein Shakes

Can I put fruit in a blender bottle?

Like these, any fruit that’s generally softer and ripe will work in this blender bottle but just shake them hard and nice.

Can I put peanut butter in my blender bottle?

The short answer is yes. You can mix peanut butter in a blender bottle! The fact is that it will successfully blend into the liquid.


The applicability of this stuff is endless, especially when you are a student and prefer to be creative with something you have.

A blender bottle is often used for shakes and smoothies, but it also helps make your life easier because of its half-shaker/half-blender nature.

Thank you for reading!

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