Can You Put Peanut Butter In A Blender? Find Out Now!

You can find a lot of recipes with peanut butter on the internet. Moreover, it is a delicious and nutritious, healthy snack. However, people often wonder how to prepare this product with a blender.

So, can you put peanut butter in a blender?

This article will help you answer this question and suggest the features you should consider when looking for the best blender for nut butter. Let’s explore now!

Can You Put Peanut Butter In A Blender?

The answer is yes. You can undoubtedly put it in the blender. The types of blenders that support this work are also very diverse and work quickly with high and stable speed.

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Put peanut in the blenders

Using this device, you will create delicious smoothies or sauces for your dishes in the shortest time while keeping the original taste.

Besides, all types of machines will work well and have little or no problems processing peanut butter. So, try the recipes you find that have peanut buttermilk with a blender now.

How To Mix The Butter With A Blender?

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Mix in the blende

Let’s learn a simple recipe when you mix the butter with a processor through the following process:

Step 1

First, you need to prepare a liquid-like 1 cup of water or milk. Using them will make your grinder easier to grind without jamming or overheating the motor, causing damage.

You can also choose other drinks, sweet or not, even your favorite milk. Take it into consideration, as milk can make your drink a little frothy, but it’s not that significant compared to the overall quality.

Step 2

  • You can opt for a fruit, veggie, or protein smoothie for this recipe.
  • Consider formulas with proteins. You need to add an optional scoop of protein of your choice. It’s perfect if you use it every week before a workout.
  • For vegetables or fruits, you need to wash them, and you can peel and chop them and put them in the blender. As the manufacturer recommends, you will prolong the life of the equipment you are using.

Step 3

Add about one tablespoon of peanut butter to adjust the amount, depending on your preference. It will help your smoothies add more flavor.

Buttermilk is a reasonably standard product at convenience stores or supermarkets that you can find. Their prices are also very budget-friendly.

In addition, some people choose to make their buttermilk to ensure the desired quality and taste.

Step 4

Close the processor’s lid carefully to make sure the ingredients do not fall out. Then, press the button to turn on the device and adjust the speed accordingly.

It would help if you blended until all the ingredients had been mixed and formed a smooth mixture. Finally, pour them into a cup and enjoy.

Tips To Keep Your Peanut Sticking 

Many wet ingredients can stick to the appliance, including peanut buttermilk, and are difficult to remove entirely without detergent when using the processor.

  • In the recipe for peanut buttermilk, after removing the skin and adding the sugar and salt, you need to grind for a few minutes.
  • Continue to mix all these ingredients with a spoon, and it will help keep them from sticking to your one.
  • In the next step, you need to add oil and mix until the mixture is perfectly smooth.
  • The last thing you need to do is pour them into a clean jar and keep them in the refrigerator for best preservation.


1. Can you make nut butter in the smoothie blender?

You can make nut kinds of butter in the processor. Blenders with good capacity and power will make this job faster and easier.

At the same time, the resulting results can be available for smoothies or perfect sauces.

Nut buttermilk that people often make are almond, hazelnut, pistachio or cashew buttermilk, and macadamia. They are delicious and perfect for everyone’s health and brain.

2. Can you use a blender without liquid?

You can use the processor without liquid. However, be aware of the type you use. They need to be products equipped with special blades that allow stable operation without water or other drinks.

Our best advice for all machines is to add liquids, especially smoothies. It will help the machine work stably and limit possible damage.

3. Can you blend nuts in a NutriBullet?

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NutriBullet mixer

Nutribullet nut grinder is a perfect design from the American brand Nutribullet, so quality is guaranteed.

At the same time, it is famous for its ability to work well when grinding nuts or grains. Some people even use this brand’s machine for good recipes to chew their favorite coffee beans.

NutriBullet is one brand to consider when looking for the good nuts blender for your kitchen. It will be an excellent support product when you cook, increasing productivity and significantly reducing the processing time of ingredients.

4. Is a blender and food processor the same?

In general, a blender and food processor both have the function of grinding ingredients, but they also have differences.

Specifically, blenders are suitable for pureeing seeds or vegetables, fruits, or ice. It means the end product of this process you can drink.

Meanwhile, the food processor also has the function of pureeing but adds the process of shredding, chopping, or slicing.

To Wrap Things Up

You can put peanut butter in a blender easily, it can do more than that. It will help you create delicious, nutritious drinks or great sauces.

You need to pay attention to choosing the blender for nut buttermilk with a variety of blades, a stable capacity suitable, and a large enough container.

I hope you will have an enjoyable experience with these peanut buttermilk recipes. Thank you for reading!

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