Can You Shred Cabbage In A Blender? 5 Facts You Should Know In 2022

Cabbage is a common and healthy veggie involved in many delicious cooking recipes. However, shredding a big head of cabbage purchased in grocery stores is so tiring and time-consuming.

Are you craving a cabbage-containing dish and want to shred it using a more efficient method? The first thing people think of is to shred cabbage in a blender. But is it possible?

This post will shine more light on this topic and provide you with insightful information about the blender. Continue reading to find out!

Is It Possible To Shred Cabbage In A Blender?

The answer is yes. You can use the blenders to shred cabbage easily with the wet chop method. Without putting water along with the cabbage in the container, the veggie will turn into puree. 

As the veggie comes in big heads in the grocery and vegetable stores, it takes a lot of time and effort to peel and chop the veggie. For the restaurants that use a large amount of carbage, shredding the veggie by hand is a nightmare.

Using a blender will save you tremendous time to spend on other tasks when cooking. However, you cannot just place in the big cabbage head and expect the machine to work.

How To Shred Cabbage In A Blender?

Shredding the wrong way will turn the veggie into a puree. Therefore you need to follow the instructions below to get the finest chopped cabbage used for making delicious dishes.

Wash The Cabbage

Similar to the other vegetables and cooking ingredients, you have to prepare the cabbages first before putting them in the blender. The veggie can be eaten raw in coleslaws or boiled and cooked in various recipes.

Whatever dish you intend to make, always remember to wash the veggies first. As the store-bought cabbages are harvested directly from local farms and farming sites, they contain a lot of dirt left inside the leaves.

So prepare a large bowl and fill it with cold water; then put in the cabbages and wash gently to remove the leftover dirt. Washing with clean water won’t make the veggie lose its nutrition.

You can add a little salt to help remove the additives and pesticides used to keep the veggies fresh for a long time. The cabbages from local farms and supermarkets may contain these unhealthy substances.


After washing, look for the cabbage leaves that have any black spots or signs of insects and pesticides, and remove them. I

If the cabbage is too old or it looks too fresh, you should not keep the leaves as they may contain pesticides and preservatives. As the whole cabbage is too large to fit the blender’s containers, you need to cut it into smaller parts.

Ideally, cutting the veggie into four equal quarters will make the blender shred it easier. The center triangular core needs to be removed to shred the cabbage.

Start by chopping the veggies in half first by cutting at the middle of the cabbage with a sharp knife. Then cut the two halves into four and remove its core. Ensure that you cut the veggie horizontally to keep its part from falling apart.

Cut It In Half First
Cut It In Half First

Shred The Cabbage In A Blender

Add the chopped water to fit nicely in your blender container. Pour in clean and cold water to reach a few inches higher than the cabbages. Start pulsing your machine until you get the desired texture.

Don’t try to fill the container with too many cabbages and water, as they may burst out when blending. If you want to shred a lot amount of cabbages, divide them into many blending attempts.

The longer you pulse, the more shredded and smaller pieces the veggie becomes. Ideally, about 5 – 10 seconds is sufficient. The veggie will turn into a puree if you hold it for too long.

The veggie on top may not be chopped thoroughly. Put the unshredded parts back into the blender and repeat the same process. Blenders for kale are also suitable for shred the cabbage, you can consider them.

Take Out Of The Blender

Stop pulsing the blender when you have gotten the preferred shredded cabbages. Open the cover the lift up the container from the main unit. Slowly pour the veggie on a colander to remove the water and let it drain.

On the colander, stir gently so the water can get through. Then, the veggie is ready to serve raw or used for cooking.

The Colander
The Colander

What Other Options Do People Use To Shred Cabbages?

What if you don’t have the blender in the kitchen? Are there any other ways to shred the veggie more effectively?

The most simple method is shredding it with a sharp knife. Start with the wedges of the cabbages and slice vertically or horizontally along the yields. If you want longer cabbages shreds, slice the vertical edges and vice versa.

You can also use a grater or vegetable peeler to shred the cabbages. The advantage of this method is that you can adjust the thickness of the shreds easily. However, their blades are very sharp, so be careful when you are shredding.

A food processor will work as fine in chopping vegetables and cabbages using the wet chopping method. Just go for the way you feel most comfortable.

Blender Coleslaw Recipe

This section will instruct you on making the coleslaw using a blender. Follow the steps below, and you can prepare the most delicious coleslaw ever.

The ingredients needed are a cabbage head, onion, bell pepper, carrot, sour cream, and other seasoning materials. First, remove the core and shred the veggie into 8 equal parts. Remember to peel the leaves and wash the cabbages.

Put the parts in the blender and cover them with clean water. Pulse the machine for around 5 seconds until the parts are finely chopped. Empty the container and pour the shreds onto the colander to drain.

If you use a lot of cabbages, repeat the same process for the remaining heads. Place the shredded cabbages on a bowl or plate and sprinkle on the seasonings you prefer.

Learn to make the perfect coleslaw with this video!

The Yummy Coleslaw Served With Grilled Meat
The Yummy Coleslaw Served With Grilled Meat

Cabbage Shopping And Storage

When shopping for cabbages at the store, look for the head with a firm texture but are not too heavy for their sizes. The leaves should be fresh and don’t have any black spots or blemishes with a crisp texture.

The cabbages season is between November and April. During this time, the veggie’s price will decrease significantly, and you can find the freshest cabbages of the highest qualities.

If you don’t use the cabbages immediately, don’t cut them into smaller pieces to store. Keep them whole and unrinsed for the next use. You can put the shredded cabbages in a plastic bag and store them in the fridge.

The cabbages can last up to two months in the fridge, but they will get spoilage very fast at room temperatures. You can also ferment the shreds with salt and water to use as food toppings.

Ferment The Shreds To Make Them Last Longer 
Ferment The Shreds To Make Them Last Longer

Final Thoughts

To sum up, a blender can help you shred cabbages efficiently with minimal effort. Remember to prepare the veggie first and pour in water to blend. Don’t blend for too long, or it will turn into liquid.

I hope the answer and information provided in this post can satisfy you. Thank you for reading!

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