Can you shred chicken in a blender?

As a result, you’ll most likely require a kitchen appliance like a food processor, mixer, or perhaps a blender for this task.

Even though the blender is not the best option compared to the others, it is a popular and versatile gadget that nearly every household should own.

In this post, we’ll look at how to shred chicken in a blender?

How to shred chicken in a blender?

Step 1: Prepare ingredients

If you need to pulverize raw chicken, carefully clean it first. You may use vinegar combined with salt evenly on the chicken or soak it in that mixture for about 3-5 minutes. Next, rinse many times with clean water. Carefully filter the bones; only the soft meat should be taken. People often choose chicken breasts to cook. Then, marinate the chicken with seasoning depending on the dish you want to cook.

If you need to puree the cooked meat to make the chicken floss (dried shredded chicken), steam the chicken with spice until it’s cooked through.

Furthermore, for some dishes with chicken, you may mix it with other components. However, before mixing, all items should be fully prepped and dried. After cleaning all ingredients, let them drain and cut them into smaller pieces.

Step 2: Blend

Put the chicken in a pitcher (for full-size blender) or a bowl (for immersion blender) with just the right amount of chicken, about ⅔ of the jar. 

Before operating, add a little water to ensure the chicken is well pureed. Then, stir the chicken with chopsticks several times to avoid getting stuck.

To have the desired texture, you put 1-2 pieces of chicken into the blender, press the blending button, and then release. Repeat this action several turns, each turn lasting within 20 seconds, then stop. Do it until the chicken is completely shredded.

Step 3: Clean the blender

After grinding chicken with a blender, immediately put the blender in the sink to clean it easier later. Then, to eliminate germs, rinse with warm water.

Check for any residue stuck under the blades or in the nooks and crannies by disassembling all parts. Compared to vegetables, chicken and other types of meat are more likely to become stuck, and if left for an extended period, it will emit a foul odor and damage your blender quicker.

Why shred chicken in a blender?

As I said above, many tools can help you chop in your kitchen, including a blender. Why should we use a blender to shred the chicken instead of the others?

First, it’s easy to use your blender instead of other devices such as a mixer or food processor machine that aids in cleaning. Most blenders often provide a self-cleaning mode to handle this job.

Another reason people choose a blender is that it allows them to shred bigger batches of cooked chicken at once, whereas hand or cutlery can only handle tiny amounts at a time. So if you need to shred chicken for a meal or a large gathering, a blender can help you get more done in less time.

We’re also great for cooking soups, stews, tacos, and other recipes that need to be wet and soft rather than dry and hard.

Which type of blender is suitable for shredding chicken?

On the market today, most blender products with a capacity of over 500 watts can grind meat. However, each type of blender has its advantages and disadvantages when grinding chicken that you can consider.

Countertop blender

Countertop blenders have more advantages in shredding chicken. Thanks to the large capacity blender and powerful motor, you can handle more meat in one turn. Today, many hand blenders are combined with food processors for blending chicken. They are also an excellent choice if you want to employ a multipurpose product.

Hand blender

Many families have chosen to use a hand blender because of its compact, convenient, and easy-to-use design. However, with foods such as pork and beef, this hand-held machine is hard to puree because of its lower capacity.

In addition, we should only use a hand blender to grind chicken with a small amount per turn (usually less than 100g/turn). When shredding chicken, you should use the specialized mortar attached to the product. Do not grind meat directly on the bowl or pot to prevent splashing.

In brief, shredding the chicken manually or using a mixer to make meat floss will usually take your time and effort. However, with the food shredding function and the ability to provide different speeds, you easily can shred your food with a blender!

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