Difference Between Magic Bullet Vs Ninja Blender: Which Is Better For Your Kitchen?

Magic Bullet vs Ninja blender has consistently been the most popular blender brand.

The distinctive feature of Magic Bullet is its typical cyclonic cutting area, while Ninja is more famous for its line of clever pre-programmed blenders.

Are you wondering which one to choose for your kitchen? To help you pick better, we compile a discussion on the two blenders as a comparison.

Magic Bullet blender Overview

Magic Bullet and Nutribullet belong to the same manufacturing company. This incredibly little blender produces great torque at 250 watts. It can quickly handle your grinding, mixing, and cutting needs.

The blade is composed of high-quality stainless steel. The cross blade’s unique design handles all of your blending and chopping.

The Magic Bullet package includes three cups. They have three different uses and are made of high-impact plastic. For mixing any food product, use the 18-oz Cup Tall. You may cut onions or use them with a Short Cup to make ice cream.

The Party Mug is a multipurpose 18 oz jar. You can brew and serve frozen smoothies or any other party drink in the same cup.

At the bottom of each of these plastic cups is a distinctive pattern – the Cyclonic Cutting Zone. This area ensures speedy food preparation by circulating food ingredients briskly in the direction of the blade.

This blender’s design is fairly fantastic, yet it is starting to appear a little dated with a somewhat older design.

Magic Bullet blender Overview

Ninja Bullet blender Overview

Ninja Fit and Ninja Pro are two excellent Ninja blenders. Ninja Fit has a 700-watt motor; it is rather small, with the largest jar holding only 16 ounces.

The Pro series, on the other hand, offers 900 watts of power and a 24oz maximum jar capacity. This blender is quite strong, and it mixes everything swiftly and efficiently.

The style appears to be very contemporary and elegant and should easily fit into any kitchen.

You’ll never run out of smoothie recipes if a Ninja Pro is in your kitchen. The 75-recipe booklet allows you to make as many smoothies as you like.

Ninja Bullet blender Overview

Magic Bullet Vs Ninja: What Are The Differences? 

Each blender serves the same goal but distinguishes mostly in capability and technology. Let’s examine these two brands to discover how they differ.


The Magic Bullet uses cyclonic mixing, propelling liquid upward before arcing it towards the blades. It features multiple container sizes, a straightforward start button, and a lockable lid.

The Ninja performs a similar job, but it has Auto-IQ technology and more speed adjustability in its start buttons, which automatically controls the blender’s speed.

Although the FreshVac addition is a little gimmicky, it will keep the components better if you intend to hold your mix for several hours.

The Magic Bullet is extremely portable and compact in comparison. On the other hand, the Ninja is quite heavy and difficult to maneuver.

Motor and Power

Due to its low power of 250 watts, the Magic Bullet cannot crush large ice chunks or handle full frozen strawberries. As an alternative, it works well for making lighter recipes like sauces, soups, smoothies, and shakes.

Meanwhile, the Ninja blender can easily handle tough materials and grind ingredients more quickly with its additional torque and 700 and 900-watt motors.


Each blender includes a single-serving container, but the sizes differ.

Standard equipment for Magic Bullet includes a party mug and two cups – one tall and one short. These come with four interchangeable lids that fit any of the cups: two resealable lids, two lip rings, and a sippy lid.

The Ninja Fit offers only two cups, both of which are 16 oz. However, it comes with two sip and seal lids, allowing you to use both cups simultaneously.

Meanwhile, you receive three cups with the Pro model: a 12-ounce cup, an 18-ounce cup, and a 24-ounce cup.

Unfortunately, you only receive two sip and seal lids, so purchasing more lids or a 12 oz cup may be a smart option.

Magic Bullet cup


With the Ninja blender, you may manually puree your recipe. You can set a single custom program to regulate the blend’s speed manually.

In contrast, there is no control over the Magic Bullet. The blender turns on when you press and spin it, and that’s the only availability you’ll receive.


Given that they don’t have powerful engines, these blenders are entry-level machines in terms of performance.

With only 250 watts of power, the Magic Bullet is a somewhat unimpressive competitor in the market for bullet blenders.

Although Ninja is stronger, these little blenders may struggle with harder ingredients. There’s enough power for certain short blending chores.

Ease Of Use

Both are easy to use and utilize a similar blending method where the mug serves as the activation switch for the operation.

Attach the wiper blade to the cup, then place the container on the power base backward. By securing the container to the base of a Magic Bullet, you can also benefit from the hands-free operation.

The hands-free control is not compatible with the Ninja blender. But when utilizing the processor cup, its power base contains a push-release mechanism that enables you to apply the “pulse to perfection” technique.

Magic Bullet Vs Ninja


Both machines are reasonably durable. However, the Ninja is also tougher. It contains sturdy cups, blades, and a base that will last many years.

The Magic Bullet is likewise dependable with strong plastic cups, but the results are not the same. It just cannot compete with the Ninja’s expert build.


The two blenders are also simple to clean. You can separate the different components and wash them by hand or in the dishwasher.

We recommend hand washing to keep the machine’s appearance and durability.

The heat from the dishwasher may cause the gaskets to degrade or loosen when you put them in. This will result in leaks, defeating the function of the blender.

Since the motor base rarely gets soiled, wiping it clean only requires a moist dishcloth. Never immerse this component because it will damage the motor.

Warranty and Price

The Ninja costs $50, while the Magic Bullet costs $40. The Magic Bullet is a terrific choice for your limited budget. Each blender has a one-year limited warranty, but the brands permit extensions of up to five years.

Warranty and Price between Magic Bullet Vs Ninja

Comparison Table

Features Magic Bullet Ninja
Design portable; Cyclonic Cutting Zone weighter;  Auto-IQ technology; FreshVac
Motor and Power 250 watts 700 and 900 watts
Capacity 18oz Ninja Fit: 16 oz

Ninja Pro: 12oz, 18oz, 24oz

Control Manually Have preset programs
Performance Entry-level; basic tasks Better; but challenging with tougher tasks
Ease of Use Simple; hands-free option Simple; no hands–free feature
Durability Good Fantastic
Cleaning Easy to clean Easy to clean
Warranty and Price $40; 1-year warranty $50; 1-year warranty

Final Verdict: Magic Bullet Vs Ninja – Which Is For You?

Deciding between the two personal blenders will be simple if you consider your usage. Magic Bullet’s model has a lower power rate and struggles to combine ice cubes smoothly.

The blender is still considerably smaller than the Ninja. It may fit in considerably smaller locations, including a backpack if you want to take it on vacation.

The Ninja is unquestionably the best choice for a busy kitchen. Although it might be a touch pricey, the power and adaptability it offers more than make up for it.


You’ve gone through a detailed comparison between Magic Bullet vs Ninja through this post. The Ninja blender can be a fantastic option if your budget allows it and you require a small, all-in-one hand blender.

The Magic Bullet, on the other hand, is what you need if you don’t want to spend too much money at all but still want a fancy blender that can produce sauces, smoothies, and iced desserts.

Overall, both are fantastic and valuable. The choice depends on your needs and budget. Don’t forget to share with us the final choice. Thank you for reading!

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