How To Make Snow Cones At Home With A Blender?

If you have good memories of eating snow cones as a child or if you still love them today, this article is for you. Summer makes the body restless owing to the hot weather.

Snow cones are a fantastic way to quench your thirst during summer. Furthermore, by mixing with various syrups, you may produce a range of flavors. Let’s find out how to make snow cones with a blender!

The Difference Between Snow Cones And Shaved Ice?

It’s one of the most often asked questions we get, and it’s also one of the simplest to answer. Even though both treats include ice and flavored syrups, they are different from some perspectives.

Snow cones

It is a popular icy treat drizzled with sweet flavoring sold in festivals such as food fairs or carnivals. The ice has a crunchy texture. Besides, much of the syrup drops on the bottom of the snow cone cup, resulting in the most delectable nibbles!

Snow cones are usually offered with a restricted number of flavor selections, usually under 5. Cherry, grape, and blue raspberry are the most prevalent. They are quick and easy to make, and most kids love them!

Shaved ice

Roadside kiosks and mobile units frequently sell shaved ice. It’s a light, fluffy ice that looks like snow. The delicious syrup is poured from the top of the shaved ice surface, making each bite exquisite!

They’re frequently available in over 20 different tastes. Because of the smooth shaving surface, the texture is fluffier and melts fast in the mouth.

Step by step on how to make snow cones with a blender

Ingredients (for one snow cone):

  • Plastic cone/cup
  • Powerful blender
  • Ice cubes
  • Syrup or juice


  • Step 1: Choose a proper blender

After washing the blender, install it to grind the ice. In the standard way of making snow cones at home, make sure the blade system is sharp and thick enough and that the blender series can grind ice.

The manufacturer of several blender lines advises against using them to blend hard or solid ingredients as this may cause the blade to wear out and perhaps harm the machine. When you choose an appropriate blender, then plug the blender’s power plug into an electrical outlet.

  • Step 2: Crush ice in your blender 

In a blender, combine the ice and the water. Ice should make up around 1/3 of the blender’s capacity for best results. Then shut the machine’s lid to avoid splashing out. The amount of ice you’ll need is determined by the size of your cone cup (or cups).and the density of ice you press.

Select the grind option. Look through the clear pitcher to see if the ice cubes have reached the desired texture. While the blender is in action, never open the lid.

  • Step 3: Remove the ice from your blender

Push the off button and wait for it to turn completely off. Scoop it into paper cones after opening the lid.

  • Step 4: Drizzle flavoring on the top

After picking your favorite syrups, drizzle on the ice and eat right away! Don’t add too much flavoring because it can quickly melt your snow cone and turn into a slush cone.

  • Step 5: Clean

With this simple way to make shaved ice at home, you only have to clean the blender quite easily. After unplugging the power outlet, remove the blender and pre-wash it with clean water, then let it dry and cut it in a dry place.

How to choose a blender for snow cones?

  • Power of the machine: Look for one with a power of at least 400W to ensure stability while working. The blender will not run smoothly if the product has a weak power motor, and it will be easier to heat up or shake.
  • Pitcher material: Shatterproof plastic and a high-quality glass are the two main types of pitcher materials. It is low in weight and resistant to fracture when dropped or bumped when using a plastic pitcher. The glass pitcher has reliability, power capacity, and good heat resistance, allowing it to handle hot foods while being simple to clean.
  • The volume of the blender jar: The blender jar will usually have a capacity of 24 to 72 ounces. The larger the blender capacity, the more ingredients you can blend.
  • Blade: The blades should be composed of steel or stainless steel to maintain food safety and sharpness when pulverizing. The zigzag serrated pattern will be a great choice to cut ice better.

Some tips for blending ice with a blender

  • Smashing ice before grinding: To keep the blender durable and safe to use, you should break small ice before blending.
  • Estimating average amount of crushed ice: You should not put too much ice in the machine at a turn, since this can cause it to clog. Then shut the machine’s lid tightly, so the ice does not spill out.
  • Adjusting speed:  To ensure safety, you need to grind them at a low or medium speed and continue to grind them at the high. Then, you can end with the “pulse” function.

In conclusion

Snow cones are the most popular food during festivals. This treat is simple to make; all you need is a strong blender capable of crushing ice and some syrups to enhance the flavor.

Snow cones, unlike shaved ice, contain a chunky texture that you can chew in your mouth to experience the chilly sensation. This drink brings a refreshing feeling to try in the summer!

Hope through this article you know how to make snow cones with blender. Follow us to read more information!

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