Nutribullet Instructions: How To Use A Nutribullet Blender Properly?

If you are crazy about nutrient-packed smoothies and shakes, a Nutribullet will be a must-have appliance in your kitchen space. However, not many people can operate it correctly.

If you are in this situation, please take a quick look at this following article so that you can know how to use a Nutribullet properly.

Step-by-step guide for using a Nutribullet blender

There is no doubt that the Nutribullet is an at-home appliance which is designed to extract the vitamins as well as nutrients of vegetables and fruits so that you can start your life with an energetic and active vibe.

In this part, we would like to instruct you how to use a Nutribullet, how to clean it, and how to maintain it.

Step-by-step guide for using a Nutribullet

Step 1: Select your blades and jug wisely

Most current blenders have a couple of options in terms of blades and jug sizes allowing you to choose whatever you want to make.

In more detail, the smaller cups are ideally used for serving nutrient-packed smoothies, whereas the larger ones are suitably used for soups.

Therefore, please consider what kinds of recipe to choose appropriate cups to get smooth results without having any guesswork.

Step 2: Choose your desired cups

Normally, each Nutribullet goes with two cups: a Tall cup, which can handle about 710 ml of mixture; and a Short cup used for 532 ml of the mixture.

Therefore, choosing appropriate cups mainly depends on what kinds of ingredients you want to blend and how many people in your family.

Step 3: Chop your favorite ingredients before crushing

No matter how powerful our blender is, you should chop your ingredients into small pieces before putting them into the Nutribullet blender. Fortunately, the Nutribullet is well designed to handle tough ingredients, so don’t worry about chopping the whole ingredients too small.

Step 4: Add some desired liquid

You must add enough liquid to the ingredients to get a chunkier mixture. Water, milk, or orange juice, for example. It’s OK at all times.

However, please make sure that the liquid is totally thin to prevent your blender from being damaged.

Step 5: Shake the blender for proper mixing

During the blending process, any stitch-on debris can appear in your Nutribullet. This can happen if there is not adequate liquid in the cup. In this situation, please remove the cup and give all your ingredients a light shade to make sure that all tough ingredients are moved toward the blades.

Step 6: Clean up your Nutribullet

There is no doubt that Nutribullet’s components are dishwasher-safe and top-rack. However, cleanup seems to be challenging for you.

  • For Nutribullet power base, please remember to allow it to fully dry after using it again, and never immerse it in water. It’s best to use a small brush for a deeper clean, instead.
  • What about the blades? Simply wash your blades by hand with soapy and warm water. Providing that you want a deep clean, please rinse them with lemon juice or a 100% dilute vinegar to eliminate any stitch-on debris.
  • For Nutribullet cups, just rinse them together with warm and soapy water and rinse again.

Precautions and warnings during the use of Nutribullet blender

Precautions and warnings while using a nutribullet

To make sure that your blender can be used for a long time, you should pay attention to some precautions and warnings.

  • The sound in the blending process might be loud, depending on what kinds of ingredients you are crushing
  • Hard substances should not be blended
  • Do not add hot liquids into the Nutribullet
  • The Nutribullet cord, motor base, and plug will be immersed in water under no circumstances
  • Do not place the Nutribullet in a microwave


Is the Nutribullet dishwasher safe?

Needless to say, Nutribullet lids and cups might be washed in the top rack of the dishwasher, but actually, the blades can not be dishwasher safe.

For new Nutribullet users, the easiest way to clean your Nutribullet blender after using it is to fill the container with warm and soapy water. After that, just run your blender for about 30 seconds and rinse out.

What liquids might I use with Nutribullet?

The amount of liquid you add will determine the consistency of your smoothies or shakes, so it is better when using less liquid for a thinner beverage. Normally you can use water, almond milk, juice, or any favorite liquids.

Does the Nutribullet stop by itself or do I have to turn it off?

For traditional models, it is stopped by twisting the jar out of the grooves slightly. In contrast, the latest ones, are well designed with an automated blending button that they can turn off without any guesswork.

How long can the blades be replaced?

What will happen if your blades start to wear out over time? When the blades are worn to some extent, they cannot grind or chop ingredients so easily.

In this case, the motor base becomes overheated, which causes more noise and a burning scent. If you want to eliminate these unexpected problems, it is so important that the blades should be replaced on time (every 6 months is OK).


Regardless of your age, you can know how to use a Nutribullet. Everything is so easy as pie if you follow some step-by-step guides I carefully mentioned above.

I strongly believe that you can kick off delicious and mouthwatering smoothies, shakes, or any frozen drinks with the help of a Nutribullet blender.

So go ahead and get it right away!

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