Vitamix Professional Series 750 Vs 7500: How Different Are They?

Vitamix has long been a supplier of high-quality, powerful, dependable blenders. Vitamix 750 vs 7500 blender are two of their top products. If you had to pick one, which would it be?

Vitamix 750 Vs 7500, which should you choose? Continue reading to discover more about the distinctions between them so you can choose which is best for your kitchen.

Vitamix 750 Blender Overview 

The Vitamix 750 is a versatile, reliable, and powerful blender with a classic design. This blender has ten changeable speeds that enable personalized blending, five pre-set settings, a pulse knob trim, and an auto-shutoff function.

Robust features combined with a 2.2 HP motor allow for speedy work on even the most difficult ingredients.

You can use it for almost all of your kitchen duties, from simple recipes like soups and smoothies to more complicated nut butter and ice cream.

The Vitamix 750 is slightly heavier than similarly priced models. Its superior motor and high-quality metal parts boost its durability and dependability.

Vitamix 7500 Overview 

In general, the Vitamix 7500 is a fantastic blender. Without a doubt, it is a strong appliance that can blend almost everything.

This blender has ten different speed settings. It is impressive with a 1,440-watt that can spin its laser-cut stainless-steel blades at up to 37,000 RPM.

Its 64-ounce main jar has a high capacity and is perfect for preparing huge quantities of your favorite dishes. It can also easily generate crushed ice resembling snow, smooth smoothies, and spreadable almond butter.

Although its parts are not dishwasher-safe, they are simple to wash by hand with soap and water.

Regrettably, it doesn’t have any pre-set modes and doesn’t have many additional functions or attachments. However, it is well-made and performs admirably.

Difference Between Vitamix 750 Vs 7500

Difference Between Vitamix 750 Vs 7500
Difference Between Vitamix 750 Vs 7500

From size, engine, tank, and even noise levels, the 7500 and 750 share a lot in common. Both tools can grind coffee, prepare soup, or even pizza dough.

However, these two products also have some significant distinctions that you need to bear in mind.


There is no difference between the 7500 and 750 motors. Both items have an engine with 2.2 HP, a motor with constant torque, noise dampening, and a self-cooling system.

The motor was constructed with high-quality components to function well for a very long period.


Even the toughest frozen meals are easily broken down by the 270 mph top speed, laser-cut stainless steel blades of Vitamix 750. Thanks to the strong blades, you will save time and effort when preparing meals.

Compared to old models with 3-inch blades, these blenders are 4-inch-long, which produces a swirl effect, more cutting surface, and better blending. As a result, it will deliver a smoother texture faster.

The Pitchers

Both containers are the same size, design, and materials, with a capacity of 64 ounces and a lower profile design.

Because of this design, users must use at least 3 cups of ingredients to completely cover the blade, which is inconvenient for those who only want to grind a small amount of food.

Also, the two pitchers are both reliable and sturdy. They are impenetrably resistant to breaking from drops and heat.

Even though the 64-ounce jar is wonderful for cooking in large quantities, it takes up a little more room. Families with small kitchens will find it inconvenient.


Although the two items’ control panels have certain similarities, 750 will have marginally better than 7500.

Both have a variable speed adjustment dial, a pulse switch, and a start/stop switch. These blenders include many standard functions, albeit the 750 looks more contemporary than the 7500.

The speed dial on the Vitamix 7500 and the 750 may be the biggest difference between them. The 750 has five pre-programmed modes and 10-speed dial settings.

Another perk of 750 is that the device features a sensor that detects when the time is out and stops immediately, while 7500 has to turn off manually.


Both blenders have a pre-set cleaning mode directly on the blender face, making cleaning simple.

Add hot water and a few drops of dish soap, secure the lid, start the cleaning cycle, and rinse when finished.

Although these blenders have an excellent self-cleaning setting, cleaning sticky foods might be challenging. You might then have to turn to a little brush. Unlike 750, 7500 is not dishwasher safe.

Noise Level

Given the quick blending cycle and the robust motor, noise is unavoidable. However, with noise reduction technology, these two devices are up to 40% quieter than previous models.

Both machines create comparable noise levels and are among the two quietest versions from Vitamix, with decibel levels in the 88-89 range.

Ease Of Use

Using this best Vitamix blender is quite simple. The machine essentially features a mechanical control panel with pre-set buttons and a simple self-cleaning function after blending.

It works the moment you switch it on, whether that be finishing a pre-set cycle all by itself. There are automatic modes for blending jams and sauces, hot soups, and smoothies on the 750 models.

Both manual and automatic speed control are available on the straightforward control panel. To accommodate diverse food textures, you can select speeds ranging from 1 to 10.


This is the common point of all Vitamix models on the market. They are all efficient and function effectively.

Comparison Table

Features Vitamix 750 Vitamix 7500
Motor 2.2 HP 2.2 HP
Blades 4 inches; stainless steel 4-inch, stainless steel
Pitchers 64 oz, low-profile design 64 oz, low profile design
Control Speed dial; 5 preset options 3 control switches; no preset functions
Self-cleaning Yes Yes; not dishwasher safe
Noise Level 88-89 dB 88-89 dB
Ease Of Use Easy to use Simple
Performance Excellent Fanstatic


Is the Vitamix 750 worth it?

Overall, its only real flaws are the expense, noise, and bulkiness of the Vitamix 750 series. Still, it is strong, durable, easy to use, and has more functionality.

So, you won’t be let down if you have the money to purchase this model.

Is Vitamix 750 loud?

No, it isn’t. If you’ve used a Vitamix blender previously and subsequently use one of these new models, you should notice a decrease in loudness. This is because Vitamix equipped these blenders with vibration-dampening technology.

Is Vitamix 7500 Quieter?

As previously stated, the 7500 is somewhat louder than the 750 but quieter than devices like the 5200 and the Explorian series.

How do you clean Vitamix 750?

There is also a self-cleaning setting. Simply add dish soap and water to your container, pour warm water into your blender, and mix on the highest speed. Within 60 seconds, the machine will begin to clean itself.


Through this article, you have learned the similarities and differences between Vitamix 750 vs 7500. Now, the choice is yours.

Although the 7500 is a little less expensive, it will still cost you a little. If you can afford it, you should upgrade to the 750 because it has more functions.

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