Where Is The Serial Number On A Vitamix Blender?

Blenders, like other products and items, have unique serial numbers. It is for identifying products and preventing fake purchasing items.

When your blender develops a problem, you want to return it under warranty. The brand requires the model number, so where is the serial number on a Vitamix blender? Let’s dive in!

Where Do I Find The Serial Number On My Vitamix?

The motor base’s rear or bottom, beneath the barcode, is where you can find this information. Depending on the model, your model’s serial number is situated in a different location.

For different models, it can be below the base, the silver band over the T-shaped handle, or the carrying case.

A sticker attached to the rear of the lower storage lid, where it screws into the box/base on certain models, has the model number printed there.

If you’re still having trouble, please consult your user manual.

Where Do I Find The Serial Number On My Vitamix

Why Do You Need Serial Numbers? 

Both the Warranty Lookup system and the free online registration of your product require it, which is also needed to use the system.

Enter the number into the appropriate field on their website, then click the “submit” button to the right of the box.

Some people might not comprehend the need for this information on their blender. If you have issues, getting in touch with customer service is beneficial.

You will also need this information if you have any queries or concerns about my equipment, such as how to create smoothies with a blender.

Why Do You Need Serial Numbers? 

You may always call the customer support hotline for free troubleshooting if your device seems broken or broken.

When you call, bring your model’s number with you so they can assist you in diagnosing any problems.

Before deciding whether to repair or replace the machine, they could inquire about it and some of the recipes you intend to use.

How Do I Register My Vitamix Blender? 

The brand strongly recommends that you apply for purchase by filling out and returning the product registration card with the blenders.

Online registration is available at vitamix.com/warranty, and you can also contact us via phone at 1-800-848-2649.

It won’t void your warranty if you don’t subscribe to the product. The firm can better assist you with any customer support requirements, though, if you choose to register for your purchase.

How Do I Register My Vitamix Blender? 

Do You Have To Register For The Vitamix Warranty? 

Registration for blenders is not necessary to use the service. Call the customer service department and provide them with your blender’s serial number if your machine needs repair.

According to their website, the brand will repair or replace a broken appliance for free if the consumer purchased it within the previous five years.

The same policy applies after seven years if the product is used in a business environment, such as a juice bar.

Do You Have To Register For The Vitamix Warranty? 

Does Vitamix Have A Lifetime Warranty? 

Unfortunately, Vitamix does not provide a lifetime warranty. The ten-year warranty is the longest which you can find in the Ascent line. The majority of new units come with the usual 7-year warranty.

By using serial numbers, they may locate it and determine how long the warranty is valid.

Do Vitamix Blades Wear Out? 

The blades may wear out if used to cut through stones and other tough materials. New models come with a 7–10 year warranty that covers repairs, replacements, and a full-service inspection.

The warranty does not cover blade sharpening, and Vitamix does not offer this service. If you see a problem, you can report it for free testing of the entire service to maintain it functioning optimally.


With the above information, we hope you were able to answer the question of where is the serial number on a Vitamix blender.

You can always check the official website for more details regarding your machine. You can also email them right away if you have any issues or call their toll-free customer service line.

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