What Does Pulse Mean on a Blender? The Correct Answer Is Here!

Modern blenders come with various settings and features, including a “pulse” button. However, you may not know if you need it or how to use it.

So what does pulse mean on a blender? Why is this feature important? Let’s find the answer through the following article.

What Does Pulse Mean on a Blender?

What does pulse mean on a blender?
What does pulse mean on a blender?

Pulse is a function or a button that appears in most modern blenders. When you push a pulse button, which appears as “P” or “Pulse” on a blender, it will run at the highest speed and stop when you release it.

What Does Pulse Mean on a Blender
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This function will be helpful when you have to chop vegetables. Yet, you should be careful with the elements you will put in your blender jar as some softer ingredients, such as mangos or tomatoes, would become more juice.

Also, you should stop your machine and check out your elements frequently to make sure you have the expected consistency.

When Should You Use The Pulse Feature? 

You should use this feature when you need to process something, but not so much. For instance, if you need to chop some of your veggies but you don’t prefer to puree them, it is okay to utilize the pulse button.

When Should You Use The Pulse Feature? 

Begin by pulsing, and then stop when your vegetables have hit your desired texture. An excellent example is when you need to create salsa.

If you continue using the “Pulse” feature or another speed setting, you may end up with a smoothie of your vegetables.

It is reasonable to press the “Pulse” button when you want to blend frozen ingredients or soften the elements.

Some Excellent Uses Of Pulse Function

Some excellent uses of the pulse button
Some excellent uses of the pulse button
  • Thick Consistency

This button will help you hit and stop at the expected consistency and desired texture, allowing you to prevent over-blending.

For instance, if you want to make chunky salsa and prefer some pieces of tomatoes, you need your salsa to have some thickness after blending.

The pulse feature will let you achieve it easily by preventing it from being runny.

  • Handle Rough Ingredients

If you want to blend large-sized things and hard ingredients, you should use the pulse speed as it is ideal for mixing and stopping elements from splashing.

  • Pulse to Get Crumbs

This feature allows you to convert bread buns into croutons and bread crumbs easily and quickly.

  • Create Bits and Chunks

It is possible to add ingredients to a smoothie or other liquid and expect them to be in bits instead of a liquid consistency.

  • Soften Frozen Ingredient

Blenders with a pulse button will work well in handling frozen ingredients when you soften them before blending.

Otherwise, high speed with frozen items may cause the blender’s motor to exert more effort, wasting energy.

In addition, pulsing your frozen ingredients before blending will allow you to handle your drinks properly.


What Are the Speeds on a Blender? 

Many experts believe that a three-speed (high, medium, and low) blender should do anything you need. But many models deliver as many as ten speeds plus pre-programmed functions, allowing you to pick whether you need to liquefy, crush, or puree.

What Does the Pulse Function Offer Uniquely in Blending Results?

It will give you higher control over consistencies and various results and options.

Hence, if you’re blending or chopping and want to gain chunky pieces, the pulse function will allow you to achieve that quickly and efficiently.

It will be very convenient for making smoothies with yogurt, frozen fruits, and chunky salsa with herbs.

Is Pulse a Chop or Grind?

The “pulse” button is best for quick chopping or kneading dough. The fact is that it will let you control the speed for short bursts. This function will help clumped food drip down to ensure everything gets handled.

Should I Buy a Blender That Has a Pulse Button?

The short answer is yes. A pulse button can help mince or chop ingredients, giving you more control over the texture of the food.


The pulse feature will run your blender at its highest speed if you press a pulse button. This function gives you more control using a pulse button compared to another speed setting.

Blenders with pulse features will allow you to chop ingredients without pureeing. Please share this article if it was helpful to you! Thank you for reading.

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