What Is A Vacuum Blender? Advantages of a Vacuum Blender You Should Know

With the development of technology, air vacuum pump technology is increasingly popular in many fields such as, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, manufacturing, electrical engineering and food preservation.

So, what is a vacuum blender? The application of vacuum technology in the blender is a new step in food processing with many unexpected advantages.

The blender is a familiar kitchen appliance to us, but the vacuum blender is a fairly new concept that many people do not know. Let’s get into detail with Blending Lovers!

What Is A Vacuum Blender?

The first highlight of the vacuum blender is the ability to preserve the nutrients in the food. During the blending process with a regular blender, the ingredients will get continuously oxidized, which causes losing nutrients.

`However, a vacuum blender can drain all the air inside the blender before grinding, which helps to prevent oxidation and preserve the nutrition in food. Hence, your body can fully absorb healthy and beneficial drinks.

What is more, the air vacuum process before grinding of the vacuum blender also reduces the amount of air bubbles in the smoothies, allowing a smoother finished drink. As the oxidation process no longer occurs, the fruits and vegetables will not turn dark, so the smoothie will have a bright color, bringing visual and tasteful attraction.

In addition, with a vacuum blender, instead of squeezing juice and filtering out the residue – the precious amount of fiber of fruits and vegetables, you will have a finely pureed finished drink with the original fiber remaining intact.

What Is The Difference Between Standard Blender And A Vacuum Blender?

A major drawback of conventional blenders is that they create too many air bubbles after blending. Many air bubbles in the mixing process, the product gets oxidized and quickly spoiled. To overcome this drawback, many lines of vacuum blenders are now available in the market.

At room temperature, food will get spoiled quickly because it reacts to the oxidizing process, causing them to lose nutrients. The air suction from food can prevent oxidation, preserving food fresher for longer, ensuring food quality.

Hence, you are now aware of the answer for “What is a vacuum blender?” as well as a big difference between a standard blender and a vacuum blender.

Vacuum blenders do not simply blend ingredients, they perform the process of deoxidizing before blending. The drink you get will be smoother with uniform texture and has no air bubbles to retain maximum nutrition. Currently, some manufacturers producing vacuum blenders include Dash, Kuvings, Ninja, Tribest.

What Is The Difference Between Standard Blender And A Vacuum Blender

Advantages of a Vacuum Blender

A vacuum blender has convinced users with unexpected features and outstanding advantages:

  • No foaming in blending process: blending in a vacuum environment is smooth and no foam
  • Preserve full color and nutrients of the ingredients: the drink does not lose color due to oxidation, retains the same color and entire nutrients.
  • Powerful blending force: Most vacuum blenders feature up to 960W power and can grind even ice easily.
  • Easy speed control: With various blending speed options, you can simply adjust the blending speed that suits different ingredients and recipes to prepare different dishes.
  • Safety devices: Most vacuum blenders feature dual safety devices that disable the product when the user does not lock vacuum cover properly to reduce risks and ensure safety.
  • Simple to use: Simple design with just 2 buttons and automatic mode to help you use it simply, easily and quickly.
  • Less separation in the drinks: You may have observed that if you leave your smoothies out too long, the components will gradually separate into different layers. The high-end blending technology will help to prevent this annoying separation in your drinks.

What Can You Make With A Vacuum Blender?

A vacuum blender is a more sophisticated blender than a standard blender. This type of blender is different from the standard kind that it removes all the air in prior to blending, keeping your drinks smoother.

The vacuum blender’s most prominent benefit is that it produces drinks with the ideal texture. Soups, sauces, or even baby food can be made with this kind of appliance. A typical blender could leave some lumps in the mixture, which makes the taste less satisfying. You can prepare various nutritious dishes with a vacuum blender.

Baby food: Preparing baby food is also very advantageous because the nutrients are preserved better. A vacuum blender is a necessary kitchen appliance if you wish to cook your own baby food. It retains all of the nutrients in the ingredients, so that your children can enjoy the most nutritious meals.

Smoothies: A vacuum blender allows us to prepare a great smoothie without foaming. The flavor of your fruits and veggies smoothies will improve with increased pulp and fiber content. It is ideal for people who are just beginning a diet or who want to maintain healthy and nutritious routines.

Soup: Making soup with your vacuum blender is another useful application. For instance, the airtight barrier that stops the components from draining enables you to quickly produce soup, which turns out to be incredibly appetizing. With this kind of equipment, you can also produce various varieties of soup, like pumpkin or pea soup.

Any housewife wishing to maintain a healthy lifestyle should use a vacuum blender. Maintaining a nutritious diet can sometimes be challenging and time-consuming, but with this blender, it’s simpler than ever before. The food not only tastes better, but you also feel happier and have more energy.

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