Why Are Vitamix Blenders So Expensive? 9 Common Reasons

Vitamix is one of the very famous brands providing good-quality blenders. They always make the most expensive and efficient models available.

If you need a high-quality product, you will need something from Vitamix.

But why are these models priced so exorbitantly? Is it because you can utilize it for all purposes, such as a blender, a processor, a juicer, and a grinder?

If you’re wondering about the above questions, we will help you find the answer. So let’s find out “Why are Vitamix blenders so expensive?”

Why Are Vitamix Blenders So Expensive

Why Are Vitamix Blenders So Expensive?

Vitamix Blenders are more expensive than regular blenders because they are one of the most efficient products available in terms of capacity, juice, blend smoothness, consistency, and more. The Vitamix brand also affirms its value in the market for all its product lines.

These products are expensive for many good reasons

Here are the top 9 reasons products from this brand are so exorbitantly priced, and you will see that it makes sense.

Better Blades

The blades of these blenders have been cut utilizing lasers. Thanks to that, they can crush whole foods and cut through harsher ingredients to extract nutrients.

Furthermore, these blender blades are made of aircraft-grade stainless steel.

So they are built and designed to last long. Meanwhile, the blades are usually not as sharp and are easy to break.

Stainless steel material is critical in keeping your leather blade from wearing out.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the blades of Vitamix products last a lot longer than cheaper blender blades.

Yet, blades made from quality components and undergo rigorous manufacturing techniques will cost more, contributing to the product’s high price.

Furthermore, their blades, lids, and containers are dishwasher safe and solid enough to withstand deep cleaning.

Better Speeds

Most normal blenders feature a single speed. However, if you are lucky enough, they’ll be equipped with a low or high speed.

Yet, the Vitamix is an exception as they allow you to control variable speed, making more complex recipes and giving you better control over the texture of the mixture.

Most cheaper models will lack these features. If you need to get the best results, it is essential to control your speeds. You can complete smoothies, desserts, Soups, and any other recipe effectively thanks to the robust speed control of the products from this famous brand.

Easier to Clean

Washing these models is very easy

Products from this brand feature self-cleaning programs. Thanks to that, it is unnecessary to disassemble them and get them into the dishwasher.

You don’t have to scrub these products like some other traditional blenders.

All you need to do is fill these blenders with soap and water. Then they will clean themself. Unfortunately, this convenience is also a factor that increases the final price of these models.

If you’ve ever used their self-cleaning function and went back to scrubbing your device by hand, you will notice a significant difference. Most people will be willing to spend a few extra dollars to stop wasting time washing.

Better Recipes

When you buy any Vitamix blender, you will also get e-books and recipe manuals which will allow you various new and exciting drinks and dishes at your home.

Unlike other products, this manufacturer promotes healthy eating by mentioning the benefits of their gluten-free and vegan recipes.

These products allow you to prepare entire meals for your family based on what they can handle for you. You can also get various recipes on the website. Alternatively, you can also sign up for a monthly recipe e-newsletter.

This important feature will help you take your skills to the next level. If you are serious about using your blender for more than making smoothies, it is an excellent method to use the technology at a low price.

Using these blenders makes it possible to expand your recipe repertoire and begin trying many new dishes that you have never tried before.

Less Noise

It is an annoying experience to turn your machine on and hear the engine noise.

Although these blenders still make noise, it is not as ear-splitting and obnoxious as many other products.

For instance, it is possible to utilize a Vitamix blender without worrying about waking other people in your family or disturbing your sleeping baby. It is a tiny feature, but it is essential as you will be using your machine more often.

Most modern blenders can work quietly, but the brand’s models take this feature to the next level.

The Best for Making Smoothies

These products are perfect for making smoothies, and you will also be charged extra to enjoy the effectiveness of these blenders.

So if you want to enjoy a juice or smoothie without the seeds or mixed leaves in it, a product from Vitamix is your best bet.

These models allow you to quickly make a smoothie utilizing any type of ingredients without worrying about chunks, the machine jamming on a chunk of ice. You will always gain the same consistent blend at the end. For most users, it is worth the high price tag.

Shredding, Chopping, or Grinding

These machines are perfect if you are new or short on time to cooking or do not know about cutting veggies. Blending is simple, and you just need to put veggies in a container and turn your blender on.

It will take about forty-five seconds to one hour to chop veggies and thirty to forty-five seconds to grind food.

Great Accessories

The fabulous accessories that come with these machines should increase their purchase value. The following accessories are typically included:

  • Containers
  • Cups
  • Motor base
  • Tamper
  • A cookbook
  • Blade-assembly
  • DVD


These products come with excellent warranties

The last factor to this problem is the excellent warranty from the manufacturer.

Most products from this brand will come with a seven-year warranty, while regular blenders only feature a 1-year or 2-year warranty in most cases.

Excellent warranties are seen as dedication and commitment, and an incredible promise for your blender comes from the manufacturer.

Therefore, paying a little extra for a great warranty is well worth the money.

The seven-year warranty you receive will ensure that your blender will not break down in no time.


What Is Special About These Blenders?

Suppose you want a multiple-purpose machine that can help you to handle anything batter, including cold drinks, cake, chip dips, and soups.

In that case, Vitamix blenders are the model for you. Their products can turn all ingredients into a great puree.

Are These Blenders Worth My Money?

When talking about powerful blenders, blenders from this brand are the best option available for you. These machines amazed us with their ease of use and their ability to do various chores.

Is Vitamix the Best Blender?

In our opinion, the short answer is yes. These models offer more excellent durability, flexibility, and power than their competitors.

Moreover, they are designed to last long. Using these models, you can handle all ingredients with the accuracy and power that only this brand can provide.


The benefits of Vitamix products are clear. They have better speed control, more power, better technology, and quieter operation. Thats why vitamix blender is so expensive!

So you should invest in a Vitamix if you want to get the best possible purees, juices, smoothies, or anything else.

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