Why Is My Ninja Blender Power Light Blinking? What Is The Reason?

You’re certainly acquainted with the power light displayed on the front of your Ninja blender if you’re having one. And sometimes, you may wonder “why is my Ninja blender blinking red?” when your Ninja blender’s power light turns red.

It is likely that something is wrong thereafter. This post will be useful if you don’t know why or how to fix your Ninja blender’s flashing power light.

Your Ninja blender may be flashing its power light for a variety of reasons, and if these problems occur continuously, they may become worse in the future.

We will discuss the most frequent causes of your Ninja blender’s power light flashing red lights in this article. Also, this manual will take you step-by-step through the diagnosis procedure. And finally, your Ninja blender will operate smoothly and the blinking Power light will no longer appear.

Why is my Ninja blender blinking red?

The Ninja blender’s power light could blink red for a variety of reasons. To avoid further impact, you should immediately detect the issue as soon as your power light starts to flash. The most frequent causes of the Ninja blender power light blinking are as below.

Why is my Ninja blender blinking red?

1. Incorrectly locked lid

Without the lid that covers the blender pitcher, blending ingredients would be a messy operation. The materials within the blender will swirl around while it runs because the blades are smashing them up into smaller bits of food.

The lid, when fastened, will stop food bits and fluids from spilling out of the blender and destroying your kitchen.

Ninja blenders can also detect whether the lid is properly positioned and fastened. Hence, the potential explanation for the Power light blinking is that you may have not fastened the lid or that you have misaligned it. The Ninja blender won’t turn on as a result, and a problem will be indicated by the Power light blinking.

Make sure you have securely positioned the blender container and lid on the base  in place by listening for a loud click. You might need to reseat the lid a few times until there is a click sound.

You also need to check the precise alignment of the lid. For instance, you must line up the arrow on the lid with the arrow on the pitcher handle.

The Power light will stop flashing when you have correctly completed both processes, allowing you to turn on the blender.

Your Ninja blender status flashing red?
Your Ninja blender status flashing red

2. The blender lid handle remains up

Your Ninja blender’s lid has a faucet on one side and a handle on the other, among other useful features. The handle makes it easy to remove the lid without having to deal with the nasty bottom parts.

You should be aware that the lid handle contains a safety feature as well. This system alerts the blender whether each component is in place and the blender is ready to run or not.

A raised lid handle is another reason for the question “Why is my Ninja blender blinking red”.

Keep in mind that the Power indicator will only flash if the blender has detected improper assembly. That includes both the pitcher and the lid, and it can tell once the handle on the lid remains up.

You should push the lid handle down completely before you can begin blending. Gently press it down till you hear a click sound, which indicates that it is secure.

The clicking noise when you push the handle down will let the blender know it’s okay to start operating. The Power light will then quit blinking, allowing you to resume regular use of the blender.

3. Incorrectly locked pitcher

The blender pitcher contain all of the ingredients you want to blend. With the cover on top, while the spinning blades at the bottom, the pitcher is the most important part of a blender

To make the blender start operating, the Ninja pitcher needs to click onto the base tightly and securely. Ninja blenders require you to flip the pitcher counterclockwise after inserting it into the base.

By doing so, you’ll secure the pitcher’s lock and be able to begin blending. You should double-check and make sure you have correctly snapped your blender pitcher in all the way when you see the power light flashing red.

For additional instructions on how to firmly insert and lock the pitcher in place and stop the Power light from flashing, you can also consult the instruction handbook.

4. Overheated blender

The power light will begin flashing red to indicate that your Ninja blender requires cooling down if it is overheated.

It’s easy to identify when your Ninja blender is overheating as smoke may also be visible coming from the area surrounding the pitcher’s base.

If you operate it while it’s hot, you face the possibility of burning yourself or breaking other parts of the device. If you discover that it is overheating during use, make certain that you give it at least thirty minutes to cool down before starting again.

If your blender suddenly stops operating, try removing the plug and giving it a 15 to 20 minute cooling. If the thermal switch was the problem, it will reset by itself, allowing you to re-plug your blender and use it normally.

5. Damaged device parts

As you know, your Ninja blender has a number of safety measures on different parts of the blender, often known as “safety switches.” The base will receive a safety signal from those mechanisms indicating that the blender is safe to run and you have correctly installed it.

However, despite the fact that all of blender’s components are firmly in place, you might still be able to see the Power light flickering. When you unintentionally damage one or more of its safety features, that would occur.

The Power light will still blink even if you correctly assemble and fasten every component of the blender. This is a result of the blender mistakenly sensing that one or more of its components are incorrectly assembled.

Sadly, replacing the component with the damaged security device is the only option. For instance, you’ll need to buy a brand-new pitcher, a brand-new lid, or perhaps both.

What to do when my Ninja Blender is still blinking red?

What to do when my Ninja Blender is still blinking red?
What you need to do when your Ninja Blender is still blinking red

There are times when you’ve tried everything to get the power light to stop flashing, but you nevertheless can’t get it to function. The recommended action to take in this circumstance is to unplug your Ninja blender from its power supply for 10 minutes, then plug it back in.

If the power indicator is still flashing, your appliance probably has an issue that will require professional assistance to address. Whether this happens, get assistance as fast as you can by calling customer care or the shop where you purchased it.

Check whether the plastic pieces of your Ninja blender cracks or not if it has been dropped because they could be harmful and hurt you if you use it again.


1. Does Ninja blender have a reset button?

Ninja blenders don’t feature a restart button, but they do have a thermal sensor that will trigger if it starts to get too hot.

If your Ninja blender turns off while you’re blending something, unplug it, let it cool for 15 to 20 minutes, then plug it back in and give it another shot.

2. How can I reset my Ninja blender?

Suppose that is a malfunction with your Ninja blender and you want to reset it. In this case, electricity cycling will help to reset the blender. You just need to unplug the blender and leave it there for about five minutes. After that, you can re-plug the device and continue using it as usual.

Please note that performing this reset will not stop the Power light from blinking.

3. What could be causing the power light on my Ninja Blender to blink?

The power light on a Ninja Blender blinking could be caused by a number of issues, such as a faulty power cord, a damaged power switch, or a problem with the internal electronics. If the power light continues to blink after troubleshooting the power cord and power switch, you may need to contact Ninja for further assistance.

4. How can I troubleshoot the blinking power light on my Ninja Blender?

To troubleshoot the blinking power light on your Ninja Blender, first unplug the blender and check if the power cord is securely connected. If the power cord is securely connected, try resetting the blender by pressing and holding the power button for 5–10 seconds. If this does not work, try resetting the circuit breaker or replacing the fuse. If the issue persists, contact Ninja customer service for further assistance.

Final thoughts

Even though a Ninja blender is a potent kitchen tool, electrical devices can malfunction. We hope this post would potentially help you solve the issue if the power light on the front of your Ninja Blender starts flashing and you’ll no longer have to wonder “Why is my Ninja blender blinking red” and what you should do about it.

The power light could be flashing for a variety of reasons, so before doing anything else, check out our recommended tips. If you are unable to resolve the issue on your own, consult with Ninja for advice or stop by a nearby gadget service store.

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