How Long Does Fresh Juice Last?

Making juice has become a popular habit of young people in modern life because they are interested in living healthy and keeping fit.

However, many people wonder how long the juice will last, whether it is still good to taste juice for a long time, what precautions should be taken when preserving the juice.

This article will help juice lovers have more information to use and preserve juice in the right way for using after a certain amount of time.

How Long Does Fresh Juice Last

So, How Long Does Fresh Juice Last?

For this question, there will not be a certain answer or a specific number. It depends on many factors such as ingredients, freshness, environment, preservation, and so on.

Remember, like most liquid foods, fruit juices are prone to go rancid.

And although this situation may not happen, most of the nutrients and vitamins in the juice will also be decomposed, changed, and evaporated due to the impact of light, temperature, air,… after a while.

Therefore, fruit juice can generally be used after about 24 to 48 hours under conditions where you preserve well and use fresh ingredients.

Some types of juice can last longer, up to 3 to 5 days, but it is not ideal or not recommended to use and keep it in storage for so long like that.

So, How long does fresh juice last?

Factors Affecting Juice Quality

As mentioned above, how long you can keep your juices fresh depends on many factors that you need to pay attention to.

The freshness of the ingredients:

Fresh vegetables and fruits are always the best choices when making juices.

However, it is not always possible to find fresh and high-quality ingredients at the market or supermarket. From the stage of harvesting the vegetable to reaching the consumer, the whole process greatly reduces freshness and nutrients.

Therefore, you should choose ingredients from reputable sources or grow your own hands to keep them fresh and last for a longer time.

Types of ingredients:

Each vegetable has a different shelf life. You should research their time of preservation to decide the time it should be used to avoid wastage.


The higher the temperature, the more possible the juice to spoil. Therefore, you should keep it at low temperatures and limit exposure to sunlight.

Juicer machine/ Juice blender:

This is one of the most important factors that people often ignore. The juicer machine, which is clean, hygienic, and made of good material, will also help the juice to last longer.

Conversely, if you do not clean the machine and have a lot of residues left over from the previous use, these substances can get mixed in the new juice and cause rancidity quickly.

There are some blender models on the market that have a built-in juicer feature, you can try!

Some Tips To Make Fresh Juice Last Longer

Some tips to make fresh juice last longer

Fresh ingredients:

Fresh ingredients will have longer use and content many nutrients.

Preservation in the low temperature:

Like other foods, if you want to use it for a long time, people will keep it cold to slow down the decomposition process.

To keep the ingredients of vegetables and fruits cold from the time of making it, but not drinking them, they must be kept in a sealed bottle and put in the fridge to keep cold (below 5oC).

If you need to travel, always remember to find ways to cool the juice when you move and carry it with you.

Immediate storage:

If you will not use the juice immediately after you are done, you should proceed to preserve it as soon as possible.

Use glassware:

You can use glass bottles to limit chemical reactions that reduce vitamins and other nutrients. A glass with a lid and a wide mouth will be the ideal choice to prevent spilling out and is easier to clean after use. When filling, fill the bottle as much as possible and close the lid to reduce oxygen in the bottle.

Using cooler bags and ice packs when traveling:

If you squeeze juice for a picnic or travel then also be careful with the preservation. Use cooler bags or ice packs because outside temperatures are usually hotter than indoors, and they may be exposed to direct sunlight. These items will prevent your juice from environmental factors.

In short, the juice should be used right after making it. In the case that you would like to enjoy it later and you want to keep it for longer than 48 hours, please keep it in the freezer compartment. Besides, remember to use a glass bottle for storage to ensure the best possible juice quality.

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