Top 7 Best Blender for Making Nut Butters & Peanut Butter

Nut butter is a popular meal for athletes, bodybuilders, and individuals who enjoy nut-based cuisine. This meal is abundant in fat, protein, and beneficial to our health. It’s frequently combined with bread or cake and other ingredients to make a smoothie for breakfast.

Nut butter assists in keeping blood sugar and insulin levels. It also includes numerous nutrients to prevent diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and oxidative stress. Although nut butter is readily available, you should pick reliable brands. Many processed foods have extra sugar, salt, preservatives, and bad fats that are harmful to your health.

Making nut butter is also straightforward, but unlike other recipes, it necessitates the use of a high-end industrial blender with razor-sharp blades! As a result, you can produce whatever butter you desire! Let’s refer to the top best blenders for nut butter in my article!

Top 7 Best Blenders for Nut Butters

Ninja 400-Watt Blender 

Ninja 400-Watt Blender good for nut butter

Ninja has always been a brand I like for its high quality and wide range of features suited for many cooking tasks. The Ninja 400-Watt Blender is one of my favorite products from this brand since it is compact and versatile.

This product received quite a lot of attention from consumers and was evaluated with a relatively high score. In particular, many compliments for this product are “easy to use”. Even though it comes with numerous attachments, the structure of this blender is straightforward.

With only one PULSE speed mode, you don’t have to worry about adjusting the speed accordingly. You need to install the motor unit and the jar correctly for activating. The motor unit is compatible with both containers and is light enough to be easily changed from one to the other.

Many people believe that 400 watts are a lot of power. However, when working with tiny cups, it is incredibly strong. As a result, all materials are pulverized smoothly and without any hassle. Because the prep pitcher is about 48 oz, this device can only help you create modest amounts of nut butter.

The simplicity of this product is its charm. Everything is simple and quick, from setup to cleanup. Furthermore, compared to a full-size blender, it runs quietly and smoothly. This feature is a plus point to make nut butter for breakfast.

The downside of this product is that the blade is quite sharp. Therefore, you should be very careful when cleaning and storing the blades to avoid damaging your hand. Besides, I think the power cord is a bit short.


  • Versatile in use
  • Compact and attractive design
  • Generating low intrusive noise
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable price
  • Powerful enough to handle hard ingredients such as frozen fruits, nuts, and ice without chunks of unblended food at the bottom


  • Sharp blades that easily hurt your hand.
  • Short cord

The Ninja multi-function blender will assist you in completing all kitchen duties in the quickest time possible without losing the essence of food. This product is a fantastic choice if you’re searching for a low-cost blender that works well and is quieter than others. I think it deserved to be the best blender to make peanut butter.

Ninja BL660 Blender 

Ninja BL660 Blender for nut butter

The Ninja Professional Countertop Blender BL660 is the top choice for businesses, restaurants, and cafes. It is famous for coming from the reliable brand SharkNinja and is equipped with advanced techniques and attractive uses. Thanks to its power, this will be the good blender for grinding nuts thanks to its power.

The wonderfully blending motor combing with the pulse button is the most striking feature that makes this machine a fantastic helper in creating nut butter. This device has three speeds and 1100 watts of professional-level power.

When mixing butter, press the pulse mode first, followed by the tamper, to ensure that the seeds are crushed into a fine powder. Then, you can change the speed from low to high and blend for around 40 to 60 seconds to make the mixture smoother and more creamy. It’s strong enough to smash ice into a snow-like consistency and chop components for meal preparation with other hard ingredients like ice or frozen fruits.

Furthermore, the colossal container is a benefit of this product since instead of mixing nut butter many times, you may create it once and store it in a food container for later use. 72-ounce capacity is suitable for making smoothies and helps all ingredients be completely pureed. In addition, Ninja blender is known for its unique blade structure to prevent components from getting stuck under the blade. It also comes with multiple traveling cups to carry your favorite beverage outside more easily.

There are several reviews on Amazon concerning the product’s durability. The blades, for example, grow dull after a few usages, while a motor overheats rapidly. However, according to my study, most of the parts are made of high-quality materials that are safe for human health. The only thing that makes me disappointed is the blade structure. Although it is exceptional and effective in blending, the installation and cleaning tasks are quite challenging for the user, especially cleaning by hand.


  • Strong motor, delivering up to 1100 watt
  • Three-speed control and pulse
  • solid foundation
  • For heavy demand, a big pitcher is included, as well as single-serve glasses for transport.
  • Budget-friendly


  • Difficult for installation and cleaning manually

Ninja Professional Countertop Blender is considered the highest rated ninja blender for nut butter. Because of the large jug and large capacity, it is suitable for home use and the first choice of coffee shops.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) Blender 

Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) Blender for nut butter

It’s tough to ignore the Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) Blender from the NSharkNinja, a popular and outstanding product. With over 20,000 products sold to date and achieving a very high rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, it will be one of the top blenders for nuts and seeds that you should consider.

First of all, the most outstanding feature of this blender is versatility, not only suitable for making nut butter but almost all blending jobs with ease. With the power of 1500 watts, it can be used as a food processor to chop food and a strong blender to crush ice and puree all ingredients. It’s perfect for making frozen drinks, pureeing, chopping, or mixing powders.

It includes a 72-ounce pitcher, a 64-ounce mixing bowl, and two 16-ounce traveling cups. Therefore, you can make soup for the whole family or more, Ninja Mega Kitchen System has you covered. Two 16-ounce Nutri Ninja cups have lids to make your morning smoothie or iced coffee and take it with you on the go. The Ninja isn’t the quietest blender we’ve ever heard, but its noise is quite comfortable and not too annoying.

Like the Ninja Professional Countertop Blender BL660, it has three rotating speeds and a pulse function for improved nut butter chopping. Remember to use a tamper for this job to make sure nuts are blended perfectly.

On the downside, as this product comes with many accessories and sturdy construction, the operation and dismantling of each part are quite complicated. Most of this blender’s components are made of high-quality plastic. However, many people don’t highly evaluate its durability. Furthermore, it is big and takes up a lot of room.


  • Extremely powerful motor, integrated with many accessories for food processing and making beverage task
  • Large pitcher
  • Good price
  • Modern design with black covered
  • Dominant in food processing than other blenders


  • Not very durable
  • Bulky design
  • Complicated in cleaning and disassembly

It is hard to resist the outstanding features that this product brings. In addition to creating excellent smoothies, the Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) Blender will be the best food processor for nut butter. You should weigh the features that bring in against the money you spend, it will be a valuable investment.

BELLA (13984) Blender 

BELLA (13984) Blender for nut butter

I often prioritize choosing full-size blenders with large capacity and jug. However, there are still some exceptions. Some personal blenders are smaller in size but still ensure effective productivity. BELLA (13984) Blender is an example. It also ranks in my excellent blender for the peanut butter list. Let’s explore its pros and cons.

At first glance, you can feel that it is a versatile product with five blending tumblers in this package. Three 24-ounce cups and two 12-ounce cups are included more than many other companies. In addition, instead of using a single blade as many traditional blenders, this device comes with two distinct blades for blending and grinding. This feature will assist you in better organizing your meal preparation.

Power is a remarkable point of this product. Although it looks small, it delivers up to 700 wattages. In addition, it has a relatively sturdy base and a rubber padded base to prevent slipping and limit vibrations well.

In general, this product is best suited for making green smoothies, food processing, and nut butter. Because the container is small, you should not overfill the ingredients because it can clog the overflowing blade when grinding at high speed. To keep the motor from burning out, pulse it a few times to start things activating, then run it for less than 30 seconds.

On the downside, leaking appears to be the machine’s most serious flaw. As a result, you should be careful to tighten the lid and components, especially the blade portion, before grinding. In addition, inspect the cups regularly for tiny fractures that may be leaking liquid.


  • Comes with many extra things for replacement
  • The compact size is light and easy to clean.
  • Excellent performance in both blending and grinding
  • Less costly than serval product providing the same function


  • Leakages from the blade to the motor base have been reported.

In summary, this would be ideal for fitness fanatics who want a gadget that allows them to create nut butter, smoothies, and protein shakes without using a colossal and heavy blender. This product is truly the best blender for making peanut butter at a low price range.

Ninja Personal (QB3001SS) Blender 

Ninja Personal (QB3001SS) Blender for nut butter

It would be a blunder to disregard Ninja’s other well-known device, the Ninja Personal (QB3001SS) Blender. It is considered the highest quality personal blender for nut butter on my list. Despite its modest size, this product’s results are not inferior to other full-size blenders.

First, because the capacity is large enough to smash hard materials, this device is ideal for producing nut butter. However, the motor is around 700 watts which means that this product cannot deal with big ice cubes, frozen fruits, and beans. Besides, when pulverizing high-fiber meals such as fresh fruits and vegetables, some chunks are left in the bottom of the cups.

It is quite light and handy for people of all ages to operate. They use this blender to make healthy drinks like green smoothies, milkshakes, and nut butter. Jobs that demand particular skills, such as bread kneading, coffee bean grinding, or handling hot liquids, are not its strong suits. In addition, a note for you when making nut butter, you should choose soft types of nuts and grind in small quantities to avoid damage to the machine. Like most upside-down blenders, it can leak when blending if you do not tighten properly.

Installing, cleaning, and storing this blender is straightforward. It is the perfect choice for those who love taking beverages out. Most parts are dishwasher safe to put them in the dishwasher machine and wait until it finishes. However, it is also compact to wash by hand, so we recommend you clean it manually because it will be better when you can actively wash a few small nooks and crannies where leftovers are stuck.


  • Powerful motor
  • Sleek design that fits any kitchen corner
  • Reasonable cost
  • It’s ideal for green smoothies, milkshakes, and juice
  • Two cups for traveling


  • Not suitable to make hot drinks and grind coffee beans

If Blendtec or Vitamix blenders with high capacity are suitable for commercial blending jobs, Ninja blender is known by consumers closer to versatile personal blender products. Although it is small, the operating power is up to 700 watts, and every ingredient is blended into a smooth consistency.

Instant Ace Nova Blender 

Instant Ace Nova Blender for nut butter

One product that has become quite popular recently is the Instant Ace Nova Blender. This versatile machine is a conventional mixer with heating elements and prepares everything from hot chunky soups to ice cream.

Instant Ace Plus features a 54 oz professional borosilicate glass jar with eight pre-programs and hardened stainless steel blades. Besides, you will be strongly impressed with its powerful 1000 watts. The cooking function uses an 800-watt flush-mounted heater that allows you to cook your food while mixing. There are eight built-in intelligent mixing/cooking programs, combined with 10-speed control. All functions are accessible via the mixer’s front touch panel. In particular, it can keep food at serving temperature for up to two hours after the mixing program.

In terms of cleaning, it can be the biggest plus point. This blender is upgraded to use a fixed pulse pattern to remove leftovers from the jar. Instant Ace Nova Blender indicates that the cleaning cycle lasts under 60 seconds and can be completed with a cleaning brush if necessary.

Moreover, this product has many extra smaller things in its package, including a tamper handle, measuring cup, food tamper, and strainer bag. This bag is useful for filtering out shreds when using a blender to make milk from materials.

This excellent blender still makes me disappointed about several points. First, it is not possible to change the temperature of hot mixes. Furthermore, the container is colossal and heavy, making cleaning it by hand a bother. Furthermore, the self-cleaning feature is quite good; unfortunately, the parts are dishwasher incompatible. This issue is inconvenient for some households.


  • Affordable with accessories
  • Solid constructions to reduce vibrantly
  • 56-ounce capacity
  • Non-toxic glass jar for making hot liquids
  • 10-speed button with adjustable pulse
  • 8 automatic blending functions
  • Good at self-clean function


  • The pitcher is uncomfortably heavy
  • You can only change the temperature on the keep warm setting
  • Not dishwasher safe

This product may not be as powerful a machine as products from famous brands like Vitamix or Blendtec, yet it can still make nut butter at a moderate level and can leave one big piece. It will be the good blender for ice cream and hot drinks because of its good heat retention.

JAWZ High Performance Blender 

JAWZ High Performance Blender for nut butter

The final nut butter blender on my list is JAWZ High-Performance Blender. As you might have gathered from the introduction, this machine was designed to produce nut butter and other difficult-to-blend recipes. Even though the product is not well-known and sales are modest, buyers give it high marks and compliments.

The stainless steel body, which appears to be incredibly solid, was the first thing that struck me about this product. You will be astounded by its potency when it comes to performance. Ice, frozen fruit, coffee, and nuts are handled without clumping. It is strong, capable of turning those materials into snow or any other mixture into a smooth mass. It outperforms other goods with similar features and prices.

Furthermore, up to ten different speeds are available to assist you to achieve the texture you want for each component. You may pick a low-speed level if you’re grinding soft fruit. Besides, when making nut butter, use high speed and pulse a few times to achieve optimum consistency.

In addition, the pitcher up to 64 Oz gives you the freedom to grind drinks and prepare food for your whole family. On the container, the graduated lines are easy to see and observe so that the user can estimate the ratio of the ingredients to be added.

Of course, like other blenders with high-capacity motors, this one generates a lot of noise, which may be very unpleasant. If you are sensitive to loud noises, you may want to take precautions by purchasing a soundproof box for this product.


  • Versatile in use
  • Super powerful motor
  • Commercial quality
  • Providing up to 10 different speeds
  • 64-ounce blending jar
  • Low-aeration stainless steel blade.
  • Solid construction


  • Make loud noise

Without a doubt, this product is truly the best blender to make almond butter. This product is powerful and gives you satisfying results. Hard ingredients are no longer a problem with speed controls and strong horsepower.

Wrap Up

As individuals become more aware of their health and appearance, a balanced diet rich in nuts becomes increasingly vital. Remember that most nuts are hard ingredients, so you’ll need to use the right blender to obtain creamy, delicious results.

Hopefully, one of my seven candidates in my top best blender for nut butters is what you are looking for. With a suitable blender, you can make many different homemade nut butter recipes without fear of preservatives when buying on the market.

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