Extra Delicious With 6 Best Blender for Making Hummus At Home

Highest Rated Best Blenders for Making Hummus At Home

Nowadays, I see so many people wishing to make hummus right at their house rather than buying from stores. It is because when making hummus at home, one can freely flavor and personalize the drink to fit their taste.

Luckily enough, it is totally not difficult for you to make home-made hummus. All you need to know is the right process and steps to make it, and most importantly the best blender for making hummus at home.

With the right knowledge about the procedure and equipment for making hummus, I believe that any one of you will be able to create your own delicious, healthy and nutritional hummus, and not only for yourself but also for your whole family.

After reading this article, you will be provided with a list of the top 6 most perfect humus makers on the market. Each of these models has their own strengths and weaknesses, but I believe that they are all unique and great in their own ways. But the common thing between them is that they all come from well-known brand names in the blender industry.

So, it is totally up to you to decide which one is the most suitable and best model for your own need and demand after considering the price and unique features of each model.

Moreover, the article will also help you answer some of the frequently asked questions about blenders for making hummus as well as some suggestions on how to choose a good model.

There are too many models on the market these days, so it can be confusing for you if you do not gain some necessary knowledge for yourself beforehand. I really hope that the article will be helpful for your decision-making process of choosing the right blender for making hummus.

1. Vitamix CIA Professional Series Blender

Vitamix CIA Professional Series Blender for hummus

The Vitamix CIA Professional Series blender is so functional and fabulous that it has already been used for chef’s training in the classroom. The model belongs to the C-series line of blenders.

The best thing about the model is its mighty motor and its ability to work at different speeds. With that built-in structure, you can freely use various textures and ingredients, including chickpeas, for making hummus. Moreover, you can be sure about the quality of the machine as world-famous chefs have used it in restaurants for years.

Moreover, its motor is equipped with a cooling fan; as a result, it will automatically shut down when overheated. So, there is no need for you to worry about the danger of burning the motor.

To control and adjust the speed of the machine, you can use the manual switch. It is very easy for you to operate and choose the speed ranging from 1 to 10 based on your demand.

Vitamix CIA Professional comes with an Eastman Tritan container made from BPA-free copolyester plastic, so it is very safe for our health. The container is also equipped with a soft grip handle so that you can pour the liquid from it easily.

The main drawback of the model is that it does not have pre-programmed cycles, so users will need to manually select the speed.

Pros Cons
The machine is equipped with a strong motor for working at different speeds The machine is not equipped with pre-programmed cycles, so users need to select the speed manually.
The container is made greatly
The speed control is easy to use and operate

All in all, the machine is an excellent blender for making hummus due to its powerful motor as well as its reliability as used by many famous chefs.

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2. Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender

Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender for hummus

When talking about the blender industry, we cannot miss mentioning the Blendtec brand name. Blendtec Total Classic Original blender is one of the most classic models of this brand which has received lots of credit from the previous customers.

First of all, about the measurement, the model is only 7 inches wide, 8 inches deep, and 15 inches high. That means the machine does not take up lots of space in your kitchen. In addition, the machine is very compact and lightweight, so you can easily move its position if needed.

I am extremely impressed by the machine’s power as it is about to operate at 1560 watts of power. At that power range, I believe that you can work well with any ingredients, even thick ones like chickpeas, to make hummus

Not only that, the best part comes with the “Ice Crushing Guarantee” from the brand. This feature makes the machine the best model for making smoothies as it can easily crush the ice into snow. In addition, the blade in this machine is also well designed, so it will not cut you when handling.

I find the machine quite modern and computerized with its LCD. You can see timing information on that screen. It is a necessary function for you as a user because the machine offers 10-speed settings, and each speed lasts 50 seconds.

After using the machine for some time, one thing I find quite annoying about it is the noise. Because of its powerful motor, I think the loud noise is unavoidable. Moreover, there is a small hole in the pitcher which is made for ventilation; as a result, the liquids can get spilled out at some points.

Pros Cons
The machine is able to deal with many different kinds of ingredient The small hole on the pitcher causes the liquid spilling
The time it takes the machine to turn the ingredients into smoothies is very short The machine can make loud noise during the operation
The blender is easy to use with the one-touch button system.
It is very easy for users to clean up the machine afterwards

Apart from some minor disadvantages, to me, the machine is great for homemade smoothies or hummus thanks to its strong engine to deal with various ingredients even the frozen ones. It can make you the smoothies and hummus you wish for in just under one minute.

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3. Ninja Blender for Hummus

Ninja Kitchen System 1200 (BL700) blender for hummus

Ninja blenders have long been known for their ability to cater for lots of cooking demands all over the world, from amateur to professionals. This model belongs to the Total CrushingTM line of the brand, with which you can easily blend ice and soft foods.

The model BL700 offers you the ability to crush ingredients from fruits, vegetables, and ice to even dough at high speed. The movement of the model’s blades is very effective for you in slicing through many kinds of fruits and vegetables. The good part is that the machine is equipped with not just one but three blades which you can use for different purposes, including making hummus and smoothies.

The model can also suit your children to operate without the parents’ supervision. The reason is that there is a safety lock in the pitcher, which will make it inaccessible when being locked.

It is very easy for you to clean it up after using it with soap or even with a dishwasher due to the design of the container. Moreover, it is very safe for your health as the blender container is BPA-free. So, you can make daily food without worrying about poisoning your health or harming the environment.

This is also a powerful machine to make your smoothies or hummus faster and better. There is no need for you to worry about your food being stuck in the machine with the sharp blades.

However, to me, the machine is disadvantageous because of its loud noise during the operation as well as its big size which can take up lots of space in your kitchen. The sharp blades can also be dangerous when you first open the box, so be careful when handling the machine.

Pros Cons
The machine is very powerful with a strong engine for working with different kinds of ingredients The model can be noisy and annoying during the operation
The machine offers users with high working speed The size of the machine may be too big if you have a small kitchen space.
It is very easy to clean up the machine after you finish using it
The machine’s containers are made from eco-friendly materials

To conclude, I believe the machine is extremely great for your household use and really worth your money as it can do the work of more than just one device. As the model is equipped with large containers, it is absolutely suitable for users of big families with regular demand for a hummus maker.

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4. Cuisinart CSB-79 Smart Stick 2 Speed Hand Blender

Cuisinart CSB-79 Smart Stick 2 Speed Hand Blender for hummus

The next model is an immersion blender from Cuisinart, which is very easy to operate. All you need to do is prepare the ingredients by chopping all of them up. Then, throw everything into the container and let the machine do its work.

The thing that I find most interesting about the machine is that it is actually the combination of three different appliances which are blender, hand mixer and food processor.

Being equipped with a whisk, you can conveniently use the machine as a hand mixer for whipping a batter. Moreover, the machine comes with a stick as a hand mixer and a food processor. So, I can say that the machine is very versatile and functional for you to use in the long run.

One more appliance is the blender which is very powerful for dealing with different kinds of ingredients, very suitable for you to make daily smoothies or hummus easily and quickly.

As a person living in a small house with not much kitchen space, the model is very convenient for me to own due to its small and compact design. I can easily take it out to use and then put it back.

The only drawback of this model is about the whisk of the hand mixer. I find it quite flimsy and not firm or durable enough to work in the long run, especially with people who need to use this function regularly.

Pros Cons
The machine is built with a strong and powerful motor The whisk of the model is not really firm and durable
The machine is very convenient for being able to act as three different appliances

At the bottom line, I would like to say that at the price of under $60, you can technically get both a food processor and a blender, so what else can you ask for, right? I believe the machine is a great deal for everybody searching for a blender for making hummus.

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5. Hamilton Beach MultiBlend Blender

Hamilton Beach MultiBlend Blender for hummus

If you are searching for a remarkable machine with a low price of just about $40, the Beach MultiBlend model from Hamilton is perfect for you. However, I have to tell you that when compared with the ones from Vitamix, Ninja, or Blendtec, the MultiBlend can be less impressive.

But if you have a limited budget, this machine has nothing to complain about. It can get the work done just fine. For example, it can crush ice for making smoothies, but it may take some time to get it done. So, you should chop the ice smaller before putting it into the machine for crushing.

I love the control panel in this machine located right at the front of the model. You can easily push the button to choose the mode that you want. It offers you Milkshake making, Puree/Smoothies/Icy Drinks,… to name a few. So, it can be said that the machine is quite versatile.

The model offers you a 700-peak-watt electric motor, which I believe is quite a good speed for you to use for your daily need to make smoothies or hummus for your family.

The blending jars of this machine are quite large, between 64 to 90 fluid ounces. With that capacity, I believe that you can save lots of time by being able to crush and blend more things at one time.

One thing that can make me feel disappointed with the machine is its motor, which is not that strong if you compare it to models from different big brand names. And the blades may appear to be short to some premium users.

Pros Cons
The model is absolutely affordable The motor can be too weak when being compared to other models
The machine is well capable of dealing with basic blending and mixing tasks The plastic-made parts may appear to lack the premium look and quality to some users
It is very easy for users to clean the machine up afterwards

After analyzing both the pros and cons of the machine, I can say that this machine is the best one for making hummus for those with a small budget. And at that price range, the machine has done quite a great job for your blending and crushing demands.

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6. KitchenAid KSB1570SL 5-Speed Blender

KitchenAid KSB1570SL 5-Speed Blender for hummus

If you are looking for a functional model to work with various tasks, you have found the right one. KitchenAid KSB1570SL is made just for you. It can do much more than just a smoothies maker. If you want to make frozen drinks, I would recommend the previous model, but this one is much more functional and costs you more money.

The model can work well with lots of different ingredients. The machine can handle just fine, from soft foods such as bananas or yogurt to thick foods like ice or cheese. So, if you usually need to work with different ingredients but do not want to own too many devices, you need to turn to this machine.

The pitcher of this model is quite narrow, which helps the blades have more contact with the food at the bottom. As a result, the machine can work much better than models with wider pitchers.

I love the machine because you can see the color of the liquid to know if you have added the right measurement of the ingredients, right? So, during the operation, if you want to add more food, you can use the inner lid to do that without disturbing or causing any interruption to the ongoing process.

After using it, you can try the cleaning mode of this model without having to put your hand inside the sharp blender. First, fill it with soap and warm water, then run the machine for about ten seconds. That’s it. Now, let it rinse and dry. You will get a clean machine again.

At the price of about $150, the machine may have difficulty working with certain types of ingredients which are quite consistent. So, I think that is what you need to consider before making a decision.

Pros Cons
The machine is very functional and versatile for working with various ingredients With certain types of consistent food, the machine may not work very well all the time
It is a quite reliable machine which can work well in the long run
The cleaning option of the machine is very convenient

All in all, I want to emphasize that if all you need to do is make smoothies, hummus, or frozen drinks, you can try saving money with Hamilton Beach MultiBlend I have reviewed earlier. But if you want a versatile machine that does not only work well with those kinds of ingredients but also something tougher like blocks of cheese, you should go for this model.

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Is It Better To Use A Blender Or A Food Processor for Making Hummus?

A question many people ask when they want to make their hummus at home.

Blenders are often cheaper than food processors and can handle blending most ingredients. Great!

But, the blender will require more liquid than the food processor. This means that you might need to add some extra bean juice if using an appliance like this for your hummus, but it’s important not to make the dips too runny, or else there won’t be enough texture left!

On the other hand, blenders can quickly and easily turn all your ingredients into a creamy texture in less than 5 minutes, depending on different models.

If you want your hummus to be quite runny, you should use a food processor.

Important Factors To Choose The Best Blender for Making Hummus

We all know that many different blender models are being sold on the market suitable for making hummus. To help you save time and not regret later, I would love to share with you some factors to consider before making the final decision.

best blender for making hummus 1

The engine power

The engine power is the key factor in determining the power of a blender. If you purchase a powerful blender, it will be much easier and quicker to get your work done.

Not only do you save time and energy, but you can also make various kinds of food as you wish because a powerful machine is capable of dealing with more consistent ingredients.

The durability

If you want to invest in a blender and use it for a long time without getting broken or damaged, it is very necessary to pay attention to its durable features. Especially with hummus, you will wish to look for a durable model if you have to use it daily.

The size

You should also consider the size and capacity of a blender before deciding whether to buy it. The reason is that, for example, if you wish to make smoothies for your whole family every day, if you choose a hummus blender with a small container, it will be very inconvenient.

You may need to blend many different times until you can make enough for everybody. But if you have a large enough container, it will save you lots of time as you may need to blend everything one time only.

The cleaning process

I believe that many of you hate cleaning your machine both before and after the blending and crushing process. Therefore, to save time in that process, you should choose an easy-to-clean model such as the one with a container that is not too shallow to comfortably hand wash. Moreover, you had better choose the blender with other features such as BPA-free, Dishwasher mode, or self-cleaning function.

The noise

It can be very annoying to have a noisy machine during the blending and crushing process. So before choosing your hummus blender, you should ask the shop assistant to help you check the machine’s noise when it is under operation. It may be alright when the powerful machine makes some noise if you live by yourself. But if you live with some other people, it can be not very pleasant for them to suffer.

The brand reputation

The reputation of a brand tells a lot about the quality of the products. So, be careful when choosing the brand name for the blender that you will buy in the future. Moreover, each brand has its warranty policy. As a result, if you are afraid that your machine may get damaged, choose a brand name with a good warranty policy and customer service.

The price

This is a necessary factor for you to take into consideration. However, we do not have a fixed figure here as it can vary depending on a budget of different users on the market. There is just one thing I want to tell you is that do not try to go for the cheapest model.

It may save you some money in the short time, but it can get broken very soon, so you will need to purchase a new one. So, for sure, it is not more economical, right? So, it is much better for you to consider the price of the machine along with its features and functions.

Some Easy Hummus Recipes You Can Try

Hummus is a great source of protein and fiber, which can help you stay full so that it’s easier to avoid overeating. A few hummus recipes you can try are below!

  1. Hummus with Spiced Ground Beef, Feta and Mint
  2. Irresistible Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
  3. Honey Dijon Chicken and Hummus Lettuce Wraps Recipe
  4. Hummus Recipe By Ina Garten

Is It Possible For Me To Make Hummus With A Food Processor?


You can use the food processor at your own home to make hummus. I prefer homemade hummus rather than store-bought one as you can flavor it however you like it. As a result, I have tried making it at home many times with my food processor. Believe me, and you can get the outcome you wish for at the beginning.

Is It Possible For Me To Make Hummus With A Hand Blender?

The food processor is a very great kitchen device for making hummus, but the hand blender can also be useful for you in the process of hummus making. However, in my experience, your hummus is not as smooth when being made by a hand blender as by a food processor.

If you want to have the final product as good and smooth as possible, you should choose a hand blender with a powerful motor. Also, remember that you should put some liquids such as olive oil or water before making your hummus, or it can be very difficult for you to do so. In some more cases, dry blending can damage your machine and shorten its life cycle.

Is Eating Hummus Bad Or Good For Your Health?

For this question, I have done some research on healthy food. As I found out, hummus contains a great balance of protein, fat, and complex carbohydrates. So, without a doubt, hummus is very healthy and great for helping you lose weight when you consume it with the right amount. However, some experts claim that one teaspoon of hummus may vary between 30 and 60 calories.

Hummus has low glycaemic acid to help keep the blood glucose level stable. Therefore, you can balance your energy and reduce the craving for sugar with hummus. More interestingly, the fiber in the hummus keeps us full after eating. Scientifically, 100g of hummus contains approximately 4g of fiber, while you are recommended to consume about 30g of fiber every day.

Conclusion: Which is The Best Blender for Hummus?

To conclude, based on my own experience, I have given you guys some of the best blenders for making hummus. I have tried quite a lot, so I am confident in knowing all about each model’s strengths and weaknesses.

Among all the models above, the first two models on the list, Vitamix CIA Professional Blender and Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender make me feel most impressed. These two brand names have already been popular in the blender industry for years. So, of course, there is hardly any doubt about their high-quality products on the market as the whole wide world.

Both of them are equipped with powerful motors for operating at different speeds. Therefore, users can get lots of useful functions and features from those models to deal with different ingredients. Moreover, they are very firm and durable for serving you in the long run, probably up to years.

However, the other four models are also great for you and your family to enjoy homemade hummus every day. All the models in the list come with exceptional quality and performance. So, the thing you can use to differentiate them is the price range, and this factor varies a lot between different consumers. Therefore, only you can decide which one is the best blender for making homemade hummus.

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