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Blending Lovers is looking for creative writers and journalists who can produce high quality content! Professional writers and editors, as well as blenders or smoothies enthusiasts are encouraged to sign up. This is a distance opportunity and international topics are also encouraged. We have two types of writing opportunities at Blending Lovers including paid freelance articles and unpaid guest articles.

Please note, we appreciate your time and effort on pitches and guest posts, but due to the volume of content we receive, we cannot accept most ads. pitches we receive.

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What types of articles do we accept?

What type of articles do we accept?

  • Investigation section
  • Note: we only accept original articles and do not crosspost content. Blending Lovers does not publish blog- or blog-style articles.
  • Send pitch to thehuynhamz@gmail.com OR follow Blending Lovers submission guidelines

To submit a pitch, please include:

  • The crux of the paper – what’s the point?
  • Include five bullet points on why this topic is important: why it is interesting to our readers.
  • Please make sure that this topic is related to blenders or smoothies and we have not covered this topic before. (use the search bar on BlendingLovers.com)
  • How is this appropriate and timely? Example: A few lines include a link to a research, reliable source article, etc.
  • Include potential sources: related reports, links, articles that you will use as the source for the article
  • Expert interview/opinion: please include ideas/contact information for interviewee(s)

Send everything in an email to thehuynhamz@gmail.com with the mandatory subject line “About Blending Lovers Guest Articles.”

Blending Lovers’ submission guidelines

  • Title: Offers three compelling title options
  • Article length: at least 800 words.
  • Include hyperlinks (don’t use footnotes) when referring to other sources.
  • Required photo: Include a landscape photo for the article (1500 x 900 px under 800 kb) with a quote and caption or photo recommendation from istockphoto.com
  • Two intros: Long intro (under 20 words) and short intro (under 160 characters) describing the content of the article
  • Required Profile: Include a short bio and your exact snapshot

Send everything in an email to thehuynhamz@gmail.com with the mandatory subject line “Send a Blending Lovers Guest Post”.